Present Tense – Do you understand girls?

There are subtle differences between present simple tense and present continuous tense.

I usually don’t do these things but today I was inspired.
I don’t usually do things like this but today I was just in the mood.


I was getting asked
I was being asked


the most awkward questions ever
the most uncomfortable questions ever

it is kind of fucked
it is really not right

we take shits every day
we go to the toilet every day

Future “going to” Tense

we are not gonna admit that
we are not going to admit that

Time Phrases

we take them once a week
we take them once a month

Positive and Negative

but we don’t
but we do

we take them once a day
we take them every day

Comparative Phrases

we didn’t take them as often as guys
We don’t take them as often as guys

Guys eat a lot.
Boys eat a lot of food.

Yeah we do. We fart.
Yes, we do. We pass wind.

Hypothetical “would” Conditional

if we didn’t fart, we would have this buildup of uncomfortableness in our stomach.

Time Phrases

at an appropriate time
at the appropriate time
at the right time

Body Parts

her butt crack
the crevice between her buttocks

Asking for Advice

How do you deal with that?
How should one manage a situation like that?

it was just out there
it was really obvious
it was really prominent

out there
in there
up there
down there

It is not cute
it is not good-looking

Real or Hypothetical?

I don’t know.
I wouldn’t know.

Present Simple Tense plus “when” Phrase

Girls notice when their butt crack is showing.
People notice when somebody is looking at them.

Don’t encourage them.
Don’t egg them on.

Girls eat a lot.
Women eat as much as men.

We may not eat in front of guys.
Women tend not to eat in front of men.

Note the change in style. The second one is much less personal, more distant, more abstract, more impersonal.

We eat a lot.
I eat a lot.

Just once a day.
Every day

or twice
or two times

It is not something we usually do.

I am trying to stop that habit.
i am trying to get out of that habit.
i am trying to break that habit.

ninety-nine per cent of the time
eighty-nine per cent of the time

Am I fat?
Am I overweight?

You are perfect the way you are.
You are beautiful the way you are.

Stick legs.
Stick arms.

not cool
just not

This is so uncomfortable.
This is so awkward.
This is so strange.
This is so weird.

Girls do.
Guys don’t.

Have you seen secret life?

Girls act stupid on purpose.
Guys are fooled by girls.

Oh my god!

Like what!?

I can’t even think of one right now.
I couldn’t think of one then.

a high-pitched voice
a deep voice


Cute – Not Cute

really cute
amazingly cute

How important is cuteness for you?

boobs – breasts -tits

shrink – expand