A Conversation about Australia and New Zealand and Canada


Listen to the music. Do you like it?

What is the name of the radio host?

Is it Clint Eastwood or Vinnie Eastwood?


Listen to the audio and read the notes. Do you follow the thread of the conversation? Are you learning new vocabulary. FOCUS on the vocabulary.

The vocabulary is the most important thing at first. learn what the words mean. Listen to the flow of the sound. Relax. Enjoy. Do not worry if you do not understand everything. Nobody can understand everything all the time except …

Past Continuous Tense

You were telling me that you have some unconventional news to spread and you have chosen specifically at the Vinnie Eastwood Show.

“Used to”

I used to be principal solicitor.


I took the call.

It was a strange man telling me a strange story.

a war criminal

Stuff like that.
Things like that.

I should have told him to keep taking the medication.

I was a bit bored.

I read that material.

Passive Voice

I was shocked.

I spent the next few weeks.

Australia’s constitutional problems

the New South Wales State Government
the Queensland State Government


specifically – generally

The Legal System

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The General Assembly of the United Nations

The Japanese Government has this information

a case in the international court

Australian Antarctic waters

The International Court of Justice

New Zealand


An Act – a bill of law

a democratic vote
a unanimous vote.

the royal signature

the British parliament at Westminster

the Governor-General
the Queen

chosen – appointed


the Japanese know about this
the Japanese don’t know about this

the Chinese are aware of it
the Chinese are not aware of it

a Chinese born gentleman by the name of Stern Hu
an American born gentleman by the name of Woodrow Wilson
a Canadian born gentleman by the name of Benjamin Fulford

the Australian government
the Chinese government
the Japanese government

the Chinese government

Australia’s currency and stock market

I am not au fait with what is going on in Canada and New Zealand.

We have proof that back in the 1990’s a Governor-General was appointed by a forged document.

A Title

Baron Falconer

That document was slid across the desk.


That is a forgery because the design of the royal seal was changed.

The Royal Seal went from the custody of the

This is the same Jack Straw that blocked investigations of … in State Institutions

a bank account somewhere

it has probably happened for New Zealand and Canada too

it is all behind closed doors

the levels of secrecy concerning government

the public is completely in the dark

about as in the dark as you can get

you have actually got documentation with the Buckingham Palace logo on it

I will leave that to others

power prices are rising

the reason that they are down there

the United Nations can’t give a colony territory

Australia is not a nation

It is a colony

Keeping the people in the dark is not that easy ..it requires quite the massive budget .. methinks

the bribery

the Australian taxpayer

not worth the paper they are written on

the reason this initially happened is because hundreds of years ago Britain had the strongest navy in the world…

What happened was towards the end of the

The President of the United States

Woodrow Wilson

an International body which came to be known as the League of Nations

British Colonies

Make a list of British colonies past and present!

Towards the end of the First World war, they granted Australia, New Zealand and Canada their sovereignty.

South Africa

Australia, New Zealand and Canada …