Present Simple Tense – Everybody does this!

Do you find it hard to understand young people?
Are you a young person?
Listen to this young girl talk about people.
Take note of her style of speech and her vocabulary.
She uses many many common sentences.
They are the building blocks of a good vocabulary.
Take note of them as you listen.

I am not taking credit for making up these things, ideas, list ..whatever.

numero uno
number one

Relative Clauses

people who point at their watch when asking for the time
people who point at their crotch when asking for the toilet
people who are willing to get off their lazy butt …

Going to – Gonna

You are gonna walk around this whole room looking for a remote but you can’t sit by the tv and press a few buttons?

when people are in a movie theater …

Past Simple Tense

Hey, did you see that?!

No, I didn’t see it. (irony)

I just paid twelve dollars to see the movie and … (sarcasm)

it can’t be new
it must be old

it is the longest thing
it is the shortest thing

has the bus come yet
has the bus left yet

those are just ten things
these are just ten things

Style – Speed of Delivery

Listen to how fast she talks!
Look how fast she talks!

Style Notes

– very rapid, fluent speed of speech

– rhetorical questions (questions that do not require an answer)

– informal use of general “you”

a frank style
a frank down-to -earth style
a frank “no-holds-barred” type of style
a really open honest style
a really open honest sincere style

The Problem of Translation

Each language describes things in a different way. Vocabulary tries to map reality. In English the Japanese word “hiniku” can mean:


These words are not the same in English. Do you know the differences between each word?


Cynicism is a mood or temper or general outlook. It comes from the Greek word for “dog” and describes the view that the most basic, physical outcome will eventuate. For example:

If you go in to business, you will get ripped off.

Are you a cynic?


A satire is a literary from like a play which satirizes or lampoons a real-life person or situation. It is a type of comedy. Another type is slapstick. Are you a comedian?


Sarcasm is a tone of voice and a style of speech usually nasty which derides, is derogatory or negative and masks each thought and statement with a rhetorical device so sincerity is not present in speech and the situation cannot be effectively gauged just by listening to the people present. There must be some background information like about the relationships between the people.


Irony is when things turn out the opposite to the way you expect … or the effect of the words is the opposite of their literal meaning.

One language has four words for the same thing. Another language conflates these four concepts. You can find lots of examples of this sort of thing if you compare different languages. it is interesting, isn’t it?

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The Transcript

I did not come up with this list.
I did not make up this list.

Where did she get the list?

Telling the Time – Relative Clauses

People who point at their watch while asking for the time.

Television – General “You”

You are gonna walk around a whole room looking for a remote but …