One World Government

What do you think of the idea of one world government?

Do you think it is a good idea?


One world government or one all powerful economic corporation?

Which is more powerful, the government or private companies?

What do you think?

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An Interview with a Spanish journalist

Read the vocabulary and listen to the audio.

How much do you understand?
It is not necessary to understand a hundred per cent.

Present Perfect Continuous Tense

has been meeting

Noun Phrases

the Bilderbergers – a group of politicians and business people

the Venetian black nobility

the financiers of Hitler


the domain of conspiracy theories – historical fact

Passive Voice

a counter attack on the principles on which the United States of America were founded

Noun Phrases

one world government
the new world order
the ideology of money
one world company limited


Financial concerns are far more powerful than any government on earth.

Present Continuous Tense

Europe is being directed through Brussels.

Noun Phrases

The Spanish constitution is subordinate to the European constitution.

one of the senior European Union representatives from Italy

Look at these past participles:

obviously surprised and astonished him

Noun Phrases

One World Company Limited

The European Presidents
the President of Canada
the sitting US President
top 50 or 60 CEOs of worlds leading corporations
all of the European royalty
the European Central Bank
the World Bank


mammoth representatives

Functions – An Apology

I am sorry … you are going to have to repeat that. there is a lot of noise here.


Obviously not literally but figuratively

Noun Phrase (plural)

curious Italian media representatives

Noun Phrase – singular and plural (mass noun)

the world scheme

Idioms and Adverbial Phrases

Russia is very much a part of it

or a victim of it

the oil price

a fall to about thirty dollars a barrel

China and Russia

Present Continuous Tense

if you can destroy the oil price and push it down, you are destroying the Russian economy

Gerund as adjective

fascinating theories

a figurative atomic bomb taking off in the European Parliament