Sometimes you cannot understand every word but you can understand the basics or some sentences. Can you pick out sentences that you understand completely? The road to 100 per cent understanding is long and even native speakers do not get it all, all the time

This video is about food as it relates to ..

Noun Phrases

high mysteries of the free masons

colloquial sayings

people who are brain-dead

Passive Present

They are finished with their tasks.

Noun Phrase

the high mysteries of the free-masons

so many founding fathers

To “become” – past simple tense

They became vegetarians later in life to symbolise that there was nothing left to do.

Food has two “O”s in the world

Present Simple Tense

Most of you already know about genetically modified organisms.

Another code word is “tar” or “rat”

A vegetarian lifestyle

Future “going to” Tense

They are gonna make it so you are so weak and get all the GMO crop eroding your intestines


The cops these days are all on … ( drug)

The cops are just basically soldiers

They are not there to serve the public

They are unleashed on the public

Adverb – actually

He actually did heroin for the entire ten year period of his ..

political office

the police

Uses of”like”

The tar is like great suffering

tar in cigarettes

the rat pack

Why was Frank Sinatra brokering deals between the mafia and the government?

Also you have “tar” in “military”.

Thousands of people get screwed.

Look at the word “war”..the word “ram”

army ram navy … “knave” means “rogue”

“Murder” means “wall”
“Murder” is “red wall”

(“mur” means “wall” in French)

and you know what is hiding behind the law

In 2001 Space Odyssey .. they pick up the femur..the skull and bones

Amon Ra

by the way

George Washington is the king of all masons and his last name implies the cleansing of two thousand ..

This is one of the meanings of the cross …

people are sick of their austerity..they are willing to fight back

The people in charge know that you have to hit rock bottom before you do something about it

the Great Lakes

He tries to take this serious approach so nobody will discredit him

Those of you who can think .. you can research it

Noun Phrase

circumstantial evidence

circumstantial evidence piled so high..

The art is very important to look at

You have to know how to look at it

Pay attention to your “art” and “tar” and “rats”

Make sure you are buying all your organic products ..

all your food

make sure it is organic

you know monsanto


Mon is a NWO play on..word scrabble

you flip the “M” upside down so Monsanto is really New World Order..
so just remember take care
grow your hair!

Are you a vegetarian?

Is there a tar road near your house.

Are there rats in the drains?

The Future

you will be able to
you won’t be able to

Link to notes on future tenses


Have you seen: the Metaphor Page?


What do you think of this guy?

Have you ever used a secret code?

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austere – austerity


You have to hit rock bottom.

The art conveys the secrets.


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