Interview with a film maker

a small undergarment business

a night club in Chicago

the city of Chicago was in flames

the year of the Democratic convention in Chicago in 1968

Past Continuous Tense

I was having a concert at my club.

Present Continuous Tense

What are these paddy wagons doing here?

They are raiding me.

We are being raided.

Past Simple Tense

I didn’t quite understand it.

Then I moved back to new York where I met Bette Midler.

I produced the Rose and that led me to proding “Trading Places”.

It is the best Eddie Murphy movie.

I am very proud of my work that i have done as a film maker.

I was a pretty big silver and gold trader.

I always paid my taxes.

i took a legal tax deduction on my silver trade.

They claimed that it was now illegal.

But they made it retroactive.

You owe us six hundred thousand dollars.

We went to court.

The judge agreed with the IRS and said they could do it retroactively.
That was when i knew there is something wrong with the system.

How do you have penalties and interests on something when they retroactively change the law?

the IRS and the whole bankers scam .. and I want to discuss that with you here

The Banking System

In 1913 they bring the federal reserve system into being.

incorporated in Delaware

How are we going to pay them interest?

It was the Grace Commission Report.

They started taxing us.

Social security started.

The Currency System

no more cash

all money will be in those chips

total control

you can’t buy food

everything is in there

they want a one world government controlled by them

Can you be specific about when you met Rockefeller?

He had seen the video and wanted to meet me.
I met him and I liked him.
He was a very smart man.

He was the one who told me

we were going to invade iraq

and go after Chavez in Venezuala

there is going to be this war on terror


and there is no real enemy

Past Continuous Tense

he was laughing

the next lie was to go into Iraq

it is a fraud
it is a farce


It emanates from 911.

Link to Vancouver Hearings on 911

As much as i like you Nick, your way is not my way.

I don’t believe in enslaving people.

What do you care about them?
What do you care about those people?

It was just a lack of caring.

It was just cold.

what is the point?
what is the end goal?

The end goal is to get everybody chipped.

We funded that.

There were two primary reasons.

We get the kids in school at an early age.

a noble thing

The truth is America has become a communist .. a socialist country …

my friendship with Nick Rockefeller ..

I was a guy who was very successful in the movie business

rather than me opposing them … to join them

KMA – kiss my ass

Why are you fighting for the people for?
what is that about?
The people have to be ruled.

I don’t believe that.
I believe God put me on this earth.

I don’t understand why you want to control everything.

So it is compartmentalised within the elite structure as well.

They think it is good for business.
They don’t know what is really happening.

What happened in 911 is a phony.

What did you think o the morning of 911.

I was actually in Tahiti.

I was in Tahiti.

I was asleep.

Nobody knows how Building Seven came down.

It is a phony.
It is a fraud.

Plot the Sequence

911 New York

the fact is it all goes back to this war on terror

until we have a full investigation

find out why they shipped all the steel out so quickly

one of the things we discussed

reducing world population

want to reduce world population

reduce by a half

a real problem trying to solve the Israel problem



We have given these people the authority to create money.

It is only because they make money that they can have all this power?

Why does the American government borrow money from the banks when they can create it without paying interest.

It will create inflation.

You wouldn’t have debt and you wouldn’t have inflation.

the Federal reserve
the Bank of England
the Bundes Bank