The Truth about Monsanto

So it is “roundup” herbicide, that is specially formulated for big jobs.

big jobs or small jobs?

That is the new one.

the new one or the old one?

On this one it says “biodegradable”.

this one or that one?

That is the old one.

the old one or the new one?

It doesn’t say “biodegradable” anymore, so it must no longer be biodegradable, but it is the same product. I imagine they don’t have the right to say it any more. It must not really be biodegradable.

they don’t have the right or they do have the right?

Hey! (be) Careful not to spray it in my face.

in my face or on my body

I am not a murderer!

a murderer or a criminal of any kind


Well, I am sure these roundup ready soybeans are ready to harvest today. They are probably about .. I am gonna say about eleven and a half per cent moisture so they are perfect for harvest.

perfect for harvest or not quite ready for harvest?

I first heard about “roundupready” soybeans in a farm magazine and it sounded like a neat innovation.

it sounded like a neat innovation or it didn’t sound like a neat innovation?

The “Round-up” is sprayed on the plants. There are some definite advantages.
If you look at my field here .. you don’t see weeds.

you do see weeds or you don’t see weeds

not harmful to humans animals or the environment

(it is) Made in Belgium

it is made in Belgium or it is not made in Belgium

Watch the strawberries!


For twenty years I have traveled the globe

wanting to know more..
I searched the web

reducing impact on our environment

………. to be continued …