Freedom to Fascism – Aaron Russo

a revolutionary act
an action which changes everything

Have you seen the revolution page?

Truth and Lies

a time of deceit
a time of lies

Is it important to tell the truth?

Future Tense

I will bring it to your attention.
I will give you some information about it.

Noun Phrases

the year 1913
their long term goal
the American government
the sixteenth ammendment
the American people
a tax on their labour
a recent court case


to perpetrate fraud
to carry out fraud

whoever issues the money, controls the government
whoever issued the money, controlled the government

Noun Phrases

a graduated income tax
the federal reserve act

Woodrow Wilson – US President

Present Perfect Tense

I have unwittingly ruined my country.

Passive Voice

We are no longer governed by the majority.

Link to conversation about tax.


I made a decision to go to Washington.
I decided to go to Washington.

Curiosity about the Reason

Which one did you hear?

I was very curious why.
I was very curious as to why.
I really wanted to know why.

Note that “always” is not used in present perfect continuous tense.

I (have) been paying my taxes.
I have been paying my taxes.
I have always paid my taxes.