Can you dance?

Hi Emma.
I’m Leoni.

I’m going to show you some Irish dancing.

The first dance is called “the easy reel”.

I am going to show you the first steps of “the easy reel”.

And it is called “the lead around”.

There is a checklist in Irish Dancing.

First you need to like always look forward.

Next is always keep your elbows … I mean your shoulders down. You need to relax them.

And also you need to have your hands like this. Hold them up then you curl them like this. And put them down like that.

You always have them by your sides for all your dances. And try not to move them.

And ..and also your legs are always straight.

Sometimes when we do hops, then you can balance but you usually need to keep them straight.

So first you need to put your feet together like this then you open them out as wide as you can then you do a crossover so you only see one knee.

And then .. you point it .. and your leg has to be straight. Whenever you are pointed.

Notice that your back foot is always turned out as much as you can. OK?

The front foot goes one then your back foot goes in front of it. Then your back foot goes closer to it. Then you do eight of those. So to show you what it looks like … when you get it. When you can do it to Irish music and when you are finished…
With that dance, then this is what it looks like.

So that’s how it looks like.

Oh and one thing. You need to always be on your tippie toes. As high as you can.
So you need to do eight of the themes that I just showed you. They are called “one two threes”. You need to do eight of them and one turn around.

one two and one behind
One two behind
One two behind
One two behind

You always switch feet.

Then always the one in front goes next.

One two. Behind.

So that is “the lead around”.

Check your listening

What did you hear?

Always look forward.
Never look back.

Always keep your shoulders down.
Never keep your shoulders down.

Always relax them.
Never relax them.

Always have them by your sides.
Always keep them in the air.

Try not to move them.
Try to move them.

Keep your legs straight at all times.
Keep your legs bent at all times.

Open them out as wide as you can
Close them as tight as you can.

A Reel

A reel is a type of Irish song or dance.

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Giving Instructions

Note the different styles:

1. Keep them by your sides

2. You should keep them by your sides

The first one is imperative. The second one is advice.

1. Always look forward

2. You should always look forward

Do you like dancing?
Do you know any traditional dances?

Write about dance in the comments section below.