Which Way Should we Go?

Practice listening.

Mark the phrase you hear:


We will go away.
We will stay here.

With Someone else

We will leave some day.
We will stay here forever.

With friends

Your hand in my hand.
Holding hands


We are going to make a plan.
We will make our plan.

In the company of others

We will fly so high.
We will feel so good.

In a group

Say ‘goodbye’ to our friends
Tell our friends ‘goodbye’.

As a group

We will start life new.
We will begin a new life


This is what we are going to do.
This is what we will do.

Go east
Go west

Life is easy there.
Life is hard there.

Go east
Go west

Lots of open air.
Not much open air

Go west
Go south

To begin life again
To begin life new.

Go North
Go west

I think we should do this
This is what we will do.

Go home
Go west

Standing up with our friends
Standing with the times.

Go west
Go to work

We will be OK
We will do just fine.

Go west
Go home

Where the skies are blue.
Where the skies are grey

Go north
Go west

Shall we do this?
This is what we will do.

As a team

We will enjoy the ocean
We will love the beach.

With others

We will study and grow.
We will learn and teach.

By ourselves

Find a slower pace of life
Change our pace of life.

With no help

We will work and play
We will work and die.

I love everybody
I love you

I know you love everybody
I know you love me.

You want me
I want you

In the end be free
At the end be free.

So that’s the reason why
So that’s why I have no regrets (?)

When he says he wants to go west
when you say, you want to go west.

Go east
Go west

The people are peaceful
Life is peaceful there.

Go away
Go west

Lots of fresh air
Lots of open air.

Go west
Go away

To begin life new.
To start again

Go west
Go traveling

This is what we should do
This is what we will do.

Go west
Go to sea

Is it high tide?
Turning with the tide.

Go west
Go westwards

We will do just fine.
The weather will be fine

Go away
Go west

Where are the skies blue?
Where the skies are blue.

Go west

This is what we will do.
We will definitely do this

I know that
I am sure that

You there is a way
There are many ways

To survive there
To live there

In all kinds of weather
In the sun or shade

As a couple

We will find a house
We will find a place

To settle
to settle down

in and live with grace
Down and live with space

Without the
With no

hectic pace of life
Busy pace that feeds

The hustling
The hassles and problems

moving of the feet
Rustling of the feet

I am sure I am
I know I’m

ready to go soon
ready to leave too

So that’s it
So that is really

where we are going to go
What we are going to do

Go west

Life is more peaceful there
Life is peaceful there

Go west
Go out

Lots of open air
Breathe the fresh air

Go west
Travel west

To begin life new
to start again

Go west
Move west

We should do this
This is what we will do

Head west
Go west

Like a ship sailing on the tide
Standing with the tide

Go off
Go west

We will go very far
We will go this far

Go west
Move on

To a place with more opportunity
Where the skies are blue

Move house
Go west

This is necessary
This is what we will do

As a team

We shall go on our way
We will go on our way

Always together

We will depart immediately
We will leave here today

Here is another version of the same song.

Which version do you prefer?

Language Notes

Future Tenses

We will go away.
we are going to go away.

We are going to leave some day.
We will leave some day.

Body Part idioms

Holding hands
Your hand in my hand.

Do people hold hands in your culture?

Do men hand hold hands with men?
Do women hold hands with women?
Do women hold hands with men?

The Future

We are going to make a plan.
We will make our plan.

What are you going to do in the future?

Write your answer in the comments section.

Saying Goodbye

How do you say goodbye in your language?


Is Life easy where you live?

Fresh Air

Is there a lot of fresh air where you live?

The Beach

Is there a beach near where you live?

Learning and Teaching

Are you a student?


Are you in love?

Do you love your family?

Link to the story of two lovers in Japan.

Settling Down

Do you want to travel around the world and then settle down in the best country?

What is the best country to live in?

The Pace of Life

Is the pace of modern life too fast for you?

Are you worried about money?

The Sky

What colour is the sky?

The West – Discussion

What does the west represent to you?

Is the Ukraine in the west?

Should Ukraine join Russia or join the west?

Americans from the east coast went to the west to start a new life. The west was developed as a part of the USA after the east.

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