The Light Bulb Conspiracy

obsolete – obsolescence
useless – uselessness

The light bulb is the symbol of an idea but in reality the idea is artificially limited. Watch this documentary about planned obsolescence:

Present Simple Tense

This is Marcos from Barcelona but he could be anyone anywhere.

What is about to happen to him occurs daily to people in offices and homes all over the world.

Present Perfect Tense and Present Simple Tense

A part inside the printer has failed and the manufacturer sends Marcos to technical support.

It is no coincidence that all three shopkeepers suggest buying a new printer.

First Conditional – Real Conditional

If he agrees Marcos will become yet another victim of planned obsolescence, the secret mechanism at the heart of our consumer society.


Our role in life seems to be to consume things with credit and borrow money to buy things that we don’t need.

Real Conditional

If the consumer does not purchase, you know, the economy is not going to grow.

Do you agree with the son of the man who designed planned obsolescence?

Write your opinion in the comments section below.

Infinitives – Comparatives

Planned obsolescence – the desire on the part of a consumer to own something a little newer a little sooner than is necessary.

Did the consumer create the planned obsolescence or did the manufacturer create it?

Write your opinion in the comments section below.

Future Tense – Relative Clause – Present Perfect Tense – “When” Clause

This film will reveal how planned obsolescence has defined our lives ever since the nineteen twenties when manufacturers started shorten the lives of products to increase consumer demand.

Future “will” – Relative Clause – Passive Voice – Infinitive

We will find out how designers and engineers were made to adopt new values and objectives.

Present Perfect Tense

A new generation of consumers has started challenging manufacturers.