Giving Advice – Be true to yourself

I believe you are sincere and good at heart.

First Conditional

If you do not attain happiness, always remember that you are on the right road.
Try not to leave it.

Above all avoid falsehood, every kind of falsehood, especially falseness to yourself.

falsehood – lying – lies

Interjection: Teach us something something useful!


Watch over your own deceitfulness. Look into it every hour, every minute.

Avoid being scornful both to others and yourself. What seems bad to you within yourself, will grow pure by the very act of you observing it.

Interjection: This is ridiculous!

Interjection: We are paying for this.

Interjection: You are a disgrace.

Avoid fear.Though fear is only the consequence of every sort of falsehood. Never be frightened at your own faint-hearted-ness in attaining love. And don’t be frightened over much but your own evil actions.

I am sorry that I can say nothing more consoling to you for love and action is a harsh and dreadful thing compared with love and dreams. Love and dreams is greedy for immediate action rapidly performed so everyone can see. Men will even give their lives if only the ordeal does not last too long but is soon over with all looking on and applauding as if on a stage. But active love – active love – is labour … and fortitude.


fortitude – strength


Who is the speaker?
Who is the audience?
Where did the conversation take place?


Is this good advice?

Can literature show us how to live?
Have you ever had a teacher like this?

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