Do you trust me?

What do you think about love and trust? Are they the same thing? is trust an aspect of love? Do they always come together? Write your answer in the comments section below.

Maria: What time is it?
Matthew: 5:03.
Maria: Did you mean it? Would you marry me?
Matthew: Yes.
Maria: Why?
Matthew: Because I want to.
Maria: Not because you love me or anything like that, huh?
Matthew: I respect and admire you.
Maria: Isn’t that love?
Matthew: No, that is respect and admiration. I think that is better than love.
Maria: How?
Matthew: When people are in love they do all sorts of crazy things. They get jealous. They lie. They cheat. They kill themselves. They kill each other.
Maria: It doesn’t have to be that way.
Matthew: Maybe.
Maria: You’d be the father of a child you know isn’t yours.
Matthew: Kids are kids. What does it matter?
Maria: Do you trust me?
Matthew: Do you trust me first?
Maria: I trust you.
Matthew: Sure.
Maria: Yes.
Matthew: Then marry me.
Maria: I will marry you if you admit that respect, trust and admiration equal love.
Matthew: Ok. They equal love.
Maria: Good! I trust you. Now it’s your turn.
Matthew: What?
Maria: Go on up.
Matthew: Maria, that is pretty high.
Maria: Don’t you trust me?
Matthew:Of course I do.
Maria: Go on up.
Matthew: Maria,I am twice your size.
Matthew: If I fall on you from that height, I will kill you.
Maria: Trust me.
Matthew: This isn’t a matter of trust.
Maria:Matthew, Go up. I will break your fall. I promise.


Are you married?
What are your thoughts on marriage?
In your society, do people always get married or do they sometimes just live together?

This post is dedicated to the work of Hal Hartley. Thank you, Hal.