Grammar Lesson with Piano

Existence and Location

Henry: You see, Simon, there are three kinds of “there”. There is “there”: T-h-e-r-e. “There are the donuts.”


Henry: Then there is “their”: T-h-e-i-r, which is the possessive.”It is their donuts.”


Then finally there is “they’re”: T-h-e-y-apostrophe r-e, a contraction meaning “they’re”. “They’re the donut people.”

Checking for Understanding

Henry: Got it?

Simon: M-hm.

Link to there is – the existence page

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The above video clip is from a movie. The movie was written and directed by Hal Hartley.

Have you ever heard of Hal Hartley?

Have you ever seen any of his movies?

The guy at the piano is called “Henry Fool”.

What do you think of him?
How do you feel about him?
What kind of guy does he seem to be .. to you?

Write your answer in the comments section below.


These three words have the same pronunciation:


Existence – Talking about Existence

Have you seen the existence page?

Does God exist?

We ask:

Is there a god?


Does god exist?

Some people believe in god. They have faith. Some people do not believe in god. They do not have faith. Some people do not know. They wonder. They ask. They are unsure. Which one are? What are your feelings? What are your thoughts? Tell us in the comments section.

Does god exist?

How do you talk to god?

How does god talk to you?

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