Advice – What should I do?

Describing People

First guy: Gentlemen. Excuse me. My girlfriend of six months is going away to Paris, France for three months. She is beautiful, young, intelligent and very conscientious. She says she loves me and that she will miss me terribly. She has also got this ex-boyfriend in Paris.He is real smart, talented successful. He is a real nice guy.

Asking for Advice

Before she leaves, she wants me to tell her if there is a future for us. For me and her. My question is, am I wrong in wanting more time, more proof. Is it wrong of me to be so scared?

Giving Advice – Practical Advice

Second Guy: It is important to keep the girl constantly within your sphere of influence. Of course this is difficult to do if she is in another country. I would write many letters, daily if possible. And I do not think it inadvisable to let her know frankly and before she leaves that you have these fears of losing her. She is young. Perhaps she is impressionable. This sounds manipulative but remember she is not just going anywhere. She is going to Paris, France.

A Philosophical Approach

Third Guy:
Relinquishing a hold on someone is an act of love. The giving of affection and the determination to provide comfort are the two practisable elements of love. Love requires no proof. Seen in this light love is a sort of faith since a faith that requires proof wouldn’t be a faith at all. But I will make this distinction: Love is an act. Faith is an ability.

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A Realistic Approach

Fourth Guy: The best of all possible approaches to this dilemma is for the two of you to firmly embrace reality for what it is; cruel brutal cold and totally unconcerned with the individual.

Third Guy: I don’t want to sound despairing or at a loss of ideas but the fact is you can do nothing to retain this girl’s love except be the best man you know how to be.


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