Road Trip to the Beach

Are you in the club?

Passive Voice

Ok Elsa. I just wanna say for the record that I am really excited.

I am thrilled to be getting out of Arendale.

Present Perfect Continuous

I have been wanting to get out of Arendale.

Relative Clauses

I just want to know where we are going. I don’t understand why it has to be a surprise.

Present Continuous Tense

And you are driving so fast.

Relative Clauses

I don’t know where you learned to drive.

Present Perfect Tense (simple)

I have never even been in a car.

But you seem to know what you are doing so that is good.

Past Continuous Tense

But back to what I was saying.

Present Simple Tense

I don’t understand.

Relative Clauses

Is there any reason why I can’t know where we are going?

Present Continuous Tense

You are still driving so fast.

What do you say Elsa, can you tell me?

No, Anna! It has to be a surprise. No more questions.

That was a pretty firm “no”.


I just hope that where we are going is appropriate for somebody who is wearing a hat and mittens.

It seems like we have been in the car for a really long time.

Metaphor – Figurative Language

Have I ever steered you wrong?

I am your date!

No. You have never steered me wrong.

The Beach

Ok We are here. The beach!

This is so great.

I cant believe we are here. This is so beautiful.

I just wish I had a bathing suit.

Present Perfect Tense (simple)

Don’t worry Anna. I packed everything we need.

Wow! I love my suit. I love yours too.

This is also nice.

Keeping me warm and cosy with my mittens and my hat.

Past Continuous Tense

Anna! I was protecting your beautiful royal skin from the harsh rays.

Future Tense

No w you go and sit over there sand I am going to get in the water.

Past Simple Tense

The water felt so great.

You really should think about getting in the water

Hey Anna! How does the water feel?

I don’t know, Elsa. Still a little hot. I am wearing a hat and mittens with my bathing suit.

No problem, Anna.

Ahhh I am gonna get you for this.

What do you think she did? (Did she throw water on her?)

Link to dialogues with audio and transcript: Mosquito City