Do you have a dream?


“to cope” is the infinitive form of the verb.

Link to infinitive lesson

Crossing the Stream

A strream is a small river.


The song talks about believing in angels.

Do you believe in angels?


How important are dreams? And what exactly are dreams?

Some people say dreams are just mental garbage. They are just random images from your waking life.

Other people say that they are messages from another world. Some believe they are messages from your soul.

The Meanings of the Word – Dream

In English the word “dream” has two distinct meanings. One meaning is the mental images which we remember when we wake. They are the experiences we remember while asleep and they stay in our minds a while after we wake up but they often vanish quickly.
The other meaning of the word is “objective” or “ambition”.

If you have something you really want, it can be a dream or vision or goal.

What is your dream?

Tell us in the comments section below.

Are you familiar with the Martin Luther King speech?

I have a Dream

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13 Responses to “Do you have a dream?”

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  1. Jinsha says:

    I want to get perment stay in uk but looking for who help me like sponsor like I can make my future bright n after I also want to do charity work as well

  2. ading says:

    i wanna earn much money and stay in france

  3. rama says:

    I have two dreams:1. My son would be in respectable position in his life.
    2.We should be happy,cheer and enjoy with whatever the God given to us.

  4. Naimin says:


  5. yes i have a dream in this life ;to visite som day GREAT BRITAN to pfactice my english .

  6. snm says:

    I have a dream: To speak English

    Thank you so much for your support

  7. Mung nguyen says:

    My dream is simple,that’s enough money for spending every the year, and my son will be success in his life

  8. Menthar says:

    A dream is a fantasy world that reflect your ambition or concern .


  9. Men that says:

    A dream is a fantasy world that reflect your ambition or concern .

  10. Consolata Nahimana says:

    I agree that dream means vision, or goal. Indeed, everyone has a goal or an objective to achieve in his her own life. For instance getting a higher degree to become very professional and get satisfaction is my dream.

  11. My dream is something very simple: be happy forever.

    • Agostinho says:

      Wow…….i think that your dream is not so simple. But you need beleave that is very simple. keep going on.

  12. gregory junior joseph says:

    I heard the music it’s great

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