Can you see clearly?

The Rain as a Metaphor

We can say “the rain is gone or “the rain has gone”.

We use the metaphor of a bright clear day with the sun shining to describe our feeling. How does the song make you feel Does it make you happy?

Tell us how you feel in the comments section.

Future “going to”

We say “gonna” instead of “going to” but we do not usually write it in academic or formal language. It is common in speech and in songs.

You can find more examples of this tense at this link:

Future Going to tense

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21 Responses to “Can you see clearly?”

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  1. rama says:

    I feel and experienced the beauty of song and pictures of nature. Thank you very much, you send me such a pleasant song.

  2. rama says:

    I feel and experienced the beauty of son and pictures pf nature. Than you very much, you send me such a pleasant song.

  3. P Mario says:

    this song remember me my students class in the university

  4. Ugur says:

    the song was very nice.
    From Turkey

  5. christian says:

    this song make me full of joice.

  6. mohammed ghreib says:

    its very intersting songs and useful

  7. Manoo says:

    I feel like I could fly.

  8. sasikumar says:


  9. tamta says:

    I like this song!

  10. Diana says:

    It’s so amazing, this song description the nature phenonema on earth like our life, if you could solving your problem with better you can make your life better and happy.

  11. Jose Gomes says:

    Wow! it’s really good song. I back to the past for a few minutes when I heard this lovely music. Indeed feel very happy and probably I will have a good day. why not?

  12. Tan Chwi Bee says:

    Yes, the song makes me feel happy. I love the lyric of the song and understand some phrases used. I am enjoying my holiday and have a great time with my family. Thank you so much.

  13. Adixon Dias says:

    well….i’m brazilian….in my country english is not good at school… i don’t speak english…my vocabulary is limited and my listening is very bad….but….i do understand the music and and i felt like no problems subsist…and i sang together….nice!!!

  14. Marie says:

    I cannot listen to that song on my phone,but I think it’s a very good song. Thanks a lot.

  15. ahmed says:

    i feel gooooood.
    i ts a lovely song.
    i like the music.
    greetings and thanks from Algeria


  16. Flora Nicole says:

    It’s 7 p.m in my country now. It’s raining heavily. I’m listening to the song and I feel so happy. I can understand some phrases used to write a song. Thank you so much.

  17. gregory junior says:

    I heard this song is very good

  18. antoinette says:

    yes the song fell me happy and fell me of pleasure and forget me and sing the song by high sound .
    is this good answer

  19. mini says:

    it is very useful to me.thanku verymuch.God will bless u more.For me english is very difficult.But hard work and practise now more impoverd. My wish is to pass Ielts.Thanku good luck

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