Do you like to dance?

Is dancing popular in your society?

This song is about a young girl dancing at a disco. She is “having the time of her life”. She is very happy. She is young and beautiful and happy. She is in the prime of her life.

Have your attitudes changed as you have grown older? Are you the same person now that you were were ten years ago, twenty years ago, more ..? Tell us about your thoughts on age-ing and the stages of life. Is youth the best?

Write your opinion in the comments section below. How did the song make you feel? Did it remind you of something?


Some people say dancing is the oldest art. Is there traditional dancing in your society? Do men and women dance togther? How is modern dancing different from folk dancing?

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27 Responses to “Do you like to dance?”

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  1. estabreq mahmood says:

    dancing it is type of body movement it is reflect of happy..each society have different movement and it depend on one person ,two or group . one person show you skill of movement ,two persons show you love ,spirit ,worm .group dancing show you strength ,union , culture of this group.I like all types of dancing even simple movement it make me happy .specially when they wearing bright dressing,

  2. P Mario says:

    I really enjoy this song. Very wonderful.
    Thank you.

  3. Ely says:

    I am Iranian and There are very kind of dancing in my country.In my culture dancing is popular specially in the celebrity. every village has their style dancing. I love dancing and see it as a makes me energetic.but I do not Arab dancing because it is just sexy dancing.women just shake their ass and boobs.

  4. Kristin says:

    Hai all
    I like to dance. Any dance. But i was not agile. Must learn to long for a dance movement. So I like watching it.

  5. Shieryl says:

    Yes I really love dancing, when I was young I dance in School when there was a program like Christmas Party, but I much prepared to sing rather than to dance and one of my favourite song is “Dancing Queen” because when I sing that song I feel alive and happy. I like dancing in a form of exercise.

  6. Dancing is a way of expressing a feeling of joy. You dance when you are happy. I like dancing as it makes feel relaxed. When I dance, my troubles go away.
    I love dancing. When I was young, l used to dance our folk dances and modern dances. Even today, (it’s true, I am aging, but ) when I get an opportunity to dance, I dance with my children. Dancing helps me to exercise; it’s a good sport which contributes in a way or another to keep me in good shape.

  7. david says:

    yes,i like dancing most becaus here in our country people celebration every month they play beautiful music i love listening i enjoy them most when i’m sad i dance alone sometime when i’m happy.

  8. Andrew says:

    Hi All,
    It is almost our feeling when we grow up and reach 17 or even 20th, We are looking for more freedom “which is mean for a lot of us step away from your family and get closer to your friends”. All of us looking for fun and some practical achievement.
    Here in Egypt, which is well known with belly dancers, a lot of people like to dance specially in wedding parties inside home or in hotels.
    Some people are shy because they have no idea how to dance, or because they have thoughts that dancing is kind of sins based on their degree of religious.
    In Egypt, we have a lot of songs that move your feeling and move your body. This songs used in wedding parties and youth gathered on dancing floor to share the bride and the groom their happy times.
    I have no idea about discos or night club here in Egypt, as I didn’t go before to such places.
    For this song “Dancing Queen”, it is fantastic and I felt that I am driving a car to the beach in my weekend vacation and this feeling is amazing and comfortable.
    Andrew Youssef

  9. REBECA says:

    You made me to feel outstanding!!!!! I went back to those wonderful years again. Thanks a lot.

  10. Lidia says:

    This song is a beauty.i like to dancing here in my country all Friday is the time to dancing.anyone stay at home we stay in the gas station and play music and dancing all night this so nice and relax.

  11. eyobe berihun says:

    yes , I like dancing

  12. rodrigo loaiza says:

    Dancing seems to be something funny, maybe there are some endorphines involved. Even though I have tried to dance I just can not coordinate the movements of my body. It is intersting that many other species use to dance as part of their sexuals rites.

  13. monica says:

    I really enjoy dancing, it´s my favorite hobbie, in my country colombia people love dancing. I like dance differents kind of music like: salsa, merengue, bachata and reguetton.
    dancing make me happy¡¡¡

  14. Fer says:

    I love listening to music. Therefore it relax me
    and brings back my youth , I danced a lot with
    the songs of ABBA and BEE GEE. It was a
    period wonderful in my life. I miss this time.

  15. Taiwo Hunyinbo says:

    Yeah! You remind me of my best hobby – dancing. I cant really say age has anything to do with the way I dance. I don’t know in my old age, but from my youth up till now, the tempo is the same. Especially when I am before God, I dance like King David; forgetting my status or who I am. I love dancing, I eat dancing and I live dancing. I am happy dancing. Oh! I hope you see me when I am dancing. As long as the beat is right,.. you will surely find me dancing. Thanks for bringing up this.

  16. madhu says:

    I like to watch people dancing but never dance.sometimes i wiash but due to my nervousness i cant

  17. sss says:

    Yes, I like dance most but I dance rarely.actually i danced to lose my weight. But now my body is shaking music. But i like listening soft music instead of that.i want to speak english me for that

  18. Kévin says:

    Yes! dancing is an other kind of making sport.
    In my youth I used to be a good dancer. During the parties we organized
    people were amazind for my interest in dancing, as I was a student.But, It was for me an occasion to practice one of my best hobbies which was dancing. We have traditional dancing which I like too. By that type of dancing I keep in touch with my culture. But now I couldn’t afford anough time for dancing, In spite of that, I like listening music in my car when driving, or sometimes at home during breaks times.

  19. virginia says:

    dance and music is an art to entertain people , depending of words does make people happy or sad.

  20. Yes i’m also a good dancer.i can say it my my country(ethiopia) there are more than 80 different cultures and languages.each culture has its own dancing styles.and i can dance at about 30 different styles.

  21. ioan says:

    Yes, I like dancing. I danced more in my youth. There were a lot of years ago, I was a good dancer. Now I dance rarely. Time spent but I always like listening music and watching dance. Tanks for your cours.It is the best free cours on the internet.

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