Would you like to be a Flight Attendant?

Passive Voice

A flight attendant is trained to handle anything from the routine to …

Check to see that your seatbelts are securely fastened.

to the terrifying.

Open your seat belts! Get out!

and when that happens, training saves lives.

They call it boot-camp. And we are … I mean … merciless.

First Conditional with “going to”

I am going to feel like a huge failure if I do get sent home today.

Before any flight attendant takes off she must be prepared for the possibilites no-one likes to think about.

Because keeping passengers comfortable is easy. Keeping them safe: That is the hard part.

The preparation begins at flight attendant school.

In this episode of Flight Attendant School:

Reason for Removal

One out of every three of our students will be removed because they cannot maintain our academic requieremnt or meet the standards of conduct.

I am afraid we are going to have to let you go tonight. We will have to escort you out of the building.

Denver Colorado

Home to Denver International Airport.

Keep listening. Do not worry if you do not understand the whole text. Listening is a complex skill. Identify the phrases you know. Do not worry about the phrases that you do not know. Go!