Songs about Money

We live in age of rampant materialism. What can we do about it?

How can we change it?

It is not about the money

When we say “it is not about the money” or “it is not about the car”” or it is not about the dog” we mean “that is not the whole point” or “that is not the focus of what we want to say”.

Price Tags

“Everybody has got a price” means “everybody is for sale”.

Do you think everybody has got a price? Is everybody for sale?

How has money come to dominate the world?

What can we do about it?


“He can’t sleep at night” means “He has a guilty conscience because he did something wrong and he is not following the dictates of his soul”.

Do you sleep well at night?

Here is a version from the original singer:

Try and sing along with her.

Learning to sing in English is a great way to learn vocabulary and also pronuciation and intonation and to get a feel for the language and the cultural context. Language is connected to culture and ideas and you can get lost in the content and forget the medium. Stop thinking about English – just use it and be happy. Lose yourself in the song.

A Version from Bulgaria

Here is another version of the song:

A Different Point of View

Abba has another song about money. Check it out. Read the lyrics and the answer the questions below.

What were the two songs called?
Which song is older?
Which song is in favour of money?
Which song is against money?
How do you feel about money?

Write your answers in the comments section below.

Link to the Money Page

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5 Responses to “Songs about Money”

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  1. Shireen Sultan says:

    Money is not very important thing in our life. Some people have a lot of money but they can not maintain their health. Those people have a lot of money they can not sleep well. we know those people do cheep labor, they don’t have enough money but they sleep well, they never use sleeping piles(tablets) .

  2. Tan Chwi Bee says:

    Money is very important in our life. We couldn’t survive without it. Money is not the most important in the world but it is right up there next to air in importance. Money brings us freedom and choices. If we have good income or financial resources, we can buy a good house, wear good clothes and have a good life. Money can maintain our health,money can solve a lot of financial problems.

  3. Joe says:

    You start by saying “we live in age of rampant materialism” as if that were a fact.
    It is not fact, It is your personal opinion.

    Materialism is relative to your wealth and subsequent perspective. During the dark days of the Soviet Union people would wait on line for hours to get nicer food for their families. Was that materialism? During the cultural revolution, people would hide their fancy clothes and jewelry, even though they were risking torture if their hidden wealth were discovered. Was that materialism?

    Your perspective comes from a place where people can have a home with a bedroom for each child, education, multiple televisions, computers, cellphones, food stamps to guarantee their food supply, and maybe even a used car. But you might still say they live in poverty. And how about them? If they want a better home, better schools, an HD TV, an ipad, a smartphone, a lobster, and a new car, does that make them materialistic? I say it makes them HUMAN.

    The fact is that humans will always want better things for themselves and their families. We should be grateful for that fact because without it we would be living in caves or mud huts.

    • Mark White says:

      Cultural context is important. The song “price tag” comes from western culture where material wealth is plentiful in many homes. Is that what you mean by materialism?
      Do you think we do not live in an age of rampant materialism? What does the term “materialism” mean to you? What would be the opposite of materialism? Do you have any more thoughts? Thanks for the feedback. It is great to be human!

  4. Annamlah says:

    money is every thing, if you have money you will be happy, if not you will be sad. I don’t believe the saying:” money not every thing”.

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