Songs about Money

We live in age of rampant materialism. What can we do about it?

How can we change it?

It is not about the money

When we say “it is not about the money” or “it is not about the car”” or it is not about the dog” we mean “that is not the whole point” or “that is not the focus of what we want to say”.

Price Tags

“Everybody has got a price” means “everybody is for sale”.

Do you think everybody has got a price? Is everybody for sale?

How has money come to dominate the world?

What can we do about it?


“He can’t sleep at night” means “He has a guilty conscience because he did something wrong and he is not following the dictates of his soul”.

Do you sleep well at night?

Here is a version from the original singer:

Try and sing along with her.

Learning to sing in English is a great way to learn vocabulary and also pronuciation and intonation and to get a feel for the language and the cultural context. Language is connected to culture and ideas and you can get lost in the content and forget the medium. Stop thinking about English – just use it and be happy. Lose yourself in the song.

A Version from Bulgaria

Here is another version of the song:

A Different Point of View

Abba has another song about money. Check it out. Read the lyrics and the answer the questions below.

What were the two songs called?
Which song is older?
Which song is in favour of money?
Which song is against money?
How do you feel about money?

Write your answers in the comments section below.

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