Bang Bang – you shot me down

Guns and Shooting

This is a complex song. “Bang bang” is the sound a gun makes whe children play. What is the sound a child makes when he fires a toy gun in your language?

The singer reflects on a childhood game of shooting guns. Later she talks about wedding bells. Is she reflecting on a childhod love?

What do you make of the song? What do you think it is about?

It is not about the money!

Children play cops and robbers and cowboys and Indians because of Hollywood influence.

Society is so violent. People shoot each other. Why can’t we all learn to live together?
Why can’t we learn to understand each other and learn to love each other?

How can we solve this problem?

Link to a conversation with children.

The Original Version without Lyrics

You have listenind and read the lyrics. Now try to sing along without reading. Focus on your ears this time, rather than your eyes.

Now sing along with Nancy Sinatra

Listening to Songs to Learn English

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