Advanced Listening and Vocabulary

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Metaphors and Other Figures of Speech

democracy is the most fragile of flowers

a flourishing capitalism

our neck of the woods

the Twin Peaks paradox

Twin peaks was a television show. Read about it on wikipedia.

the mountain of debts

the mountain of idle cash
extinguish the mountain of debt

green energy

industrial plants

inflating stock exchanges

beating up stock exchanges

a mountain of idle cash


the political sphere

the economic sphere

a democracy-free zone

one sphere colonising the other sphere

eating into its power

colonising and cannibalising the political sphere

reunite the political and economic sphere

the Soviet debacle

automation makes the twin peaks taller, the waste loftier and the social conflict deeper

a surveillance mad high plutocracy

a matrix-like dystopia

ancient Athenian-like hi-tech agora

no more tug of war between capital and labour

digital currency

green technologies

the dustbin of history

global Keynsian

a matrix-like dystopia

fault lines

if these analogies hold water

a pretty strong opinion

a democracy free zone

an opportunity to reboot the eurozone

a massive fault line

architectural fault lines

a colossal mistake

a person who live and breathes Europe

the centrifugal forces which will be released will be demonic

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