The World has Changed a Lot

Listen to the audio and read the subtitles. Pause the video and look up vocabulary if you miss a word.

The world has changed a lot. What changes have you noticed?

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6 Responses to “The World has Changed a Lot”

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  1. Yaya says:

    Being in prison for 44 years just attempted assault of police man is really ridiculous , western countries really destroyed the life of their society. This is not a crime that deserve to be jailed this man for 44 years. my be 5-10 years and to rehabilitate the assailant and give him opportunity for life.

    I thing this needs to be changed and communities should put pressure on governments to change such cruel legislation that hinders people to live and get opportunity in the world.
    such kind of legislation is really hideous and has negative consequences on people’s freedom of live.

  2. Fatimah saiyed says:

    Excellent I’ve learnt much more not only English by this video.about touched my heart a person leaving all of his best part of life in prison and when he comes out feels free the whole world has changed a lot for him he has to survive in human race whether he likes it or not.he has no choice.awesome thanks to you all for such a touchy video

  3. Ashley Paul says:

    Excellent teaching material. I used this clipping to do a speaking activity in class. The students could easily come up with scripts of interesting conversations.Thank you!

  4. farzana Rafique says:

    Thanks for sending me this.its really good to learn,but I feel difficult of way of talking because of different assent. I can write but feel problem in listening. Please help.

  5. Manoo says:

    * on the Windows
    * crazy stuff
    * people was talking to themselves
    * have things in their ears
    * everybody become CIA or agents
    * Somebody walking around with wires in their ears
    * where they are going?
    * control themselves to walk
    * talk on the phone without another person
    * it was 25 cents before and now it is $1
    * no family

    • Khaldoun says:

      important teaching material, when I start watching the video, I felt pity on that man, but his good temper, and his optimism made my day.

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