Teach Yourself to Play Guitar

So you really like her and you want to win her heart.
Well, honey, your techniques have been so wrong from the start.
Because she has a boyfriend and you’re really not too cool.
So here’s a secret guaranteed to make the ladies drool.

Teach yourself to play guitar. I guarantee it will take you far.
They’ll be head over heels.

Idiom : Head over heels in love

Just strum a few chords together and her heart will be yours forever.
She might love you if you learn to play guitar.

You can learn to ride a skateboard or you can learn to dance.
But you’ve gotta learn guitar if you’re looking for romance
So go ahead and get one. You can find them pretty cheap
And once you hold it in your arms you’ll find a girl to keep.

So don’t waste your bucks on roses even though they’re nice.
The girls are gonna love you if you take my advice

Serenade her with a song called “baby”
You might even be cooler if you play the ukele
Just plan an F and play a C and she will most definitely
In your arms, and you will see

She might love you if you learn to play guitar.
She might love you if you learn to play guitar.


Compare these phrases:

She may love you
She might love you
she will love you

First Conditional

If you learn to play guitar, she will love you.

Link to conditionals

Can you play guitar?

What is the connection between music and language?

Grammar is Music

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  1. francisco says:

    I wish I could sing. Thanks

  2. mohammed ghreib says:

    i want to know cecond conditional

  3. gursewak singh panesar says:

    Very beautiful song bud I did not get proper meaning

  4. Eduard says:

    Thank you for a beautiful song. Very nice.
    And special thanks for lyrics.
    Without them it is hard to me to understand everything, though she sings clearly.

  5. P De Mario says:

    It’s a bit difficult to understand what she’s wanted to say throughout a song.
    It’s more easy when a person makes a speech.

  6. arman says:


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