Time Goes by So Slowly

These phrases are the same:

Time goes by.
Time passes.

Does time pass slowly or quickly for you? Is there a reason for that? In this song the singer says “Time goes by so slowly” because he is missing his lover and waiting to see his lover again.

Does time pass slowly or quickly for you? Why is that?

Tell us about it in the comments section.

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21 Responses to “Time Goes by So Slowly”

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  2. ETIAS says:

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  3. pagmaa says:

    For me, time goes very quickly. because I want to do more things but it is already night. Sometimes I seems 24 hours in a day is don`t enough.

  4. Faisal says:

    in my side,I felt time goes by quickly when I,m driving out for meeting trapped under bad traffict jam.

  5. Ola says:

    sometimes, time goes slowly when we feel missing our lovely, but when we remember the memories were with him the time goes quickly.

  6. Ghandi.G.Bers says:

    There is no any reason but The time goes by very quickly

  7. P Mario says:

    This song makes me remember when I was in my twenties. Romantic times.

  8. Choury says:

    I think so, the goes by slowly for someone who are waiting someone or something. Myself is a specific example , the goes by slowly because I’m waiting my mum come back home.

  9. alejandro says:

    time will pass very quickly but the inner thoughts like love should Mober slowly; things of life, such as work and other activities happen and happen very quickly, but life itself, going slow and slow as death comes

  10. MJ says:

    for me time goes so fast and I can not stop that.

  11. Nankya Agnes says:

    My comment is that time goes by so slowly if you are waiting for something curious.But if you don’t wish to see any thing or doing something different it goes by so fast.

  12. Nidal says:

    for me, I literally agree with the singer, time goes by so slowly because I miss my family so much

    • Nankya Agnes says:

      My comment is that time goes by so slowly if you are waiting for something curious.But if you don’t wish to see any thing or doing something different it goes by so fast.

  13. A.waheeb says:

    Time is not going slowly or quickly but your imagination gives you the mood that you would expect from what you like and what you hate .
    and your day dream . Just only it is in your assumption . So if you tell yourself time is fast then it will be so fast . In other way it will be slowly if time the time is going on . Any how time is very important and give it’s rights.

  14. luis arizcorreta says:

    Time pass quickly. In fact it flies or perhaps we are flying through the life. You say time is gold. I think it is worth more than gold, because each moment that passed comes never more back. Time is no to sell.

  15. veysel says:

    Time pass quickly for me.I work 12 hours a day. I need to relax and have fun at the weekends .However I don’t have any time.

  16. Nastin says:

    I don’t think that time goes by slowly, time goes by quickly very much, because wake up at 4am, than breakfast, until to nigh do everything after that feel so tired, and going to sleep. Everyday is same, like that.

    • Shieryl V. Panganiban says:

      Yap, truly time pass so quickly, because of my busy days wherein my time may always occupying my mind and strength in doing everyday task in work and in home as a parent to my son.As a working Mom there are moments that I forget even the date having a very busy life.

  17. bashir ahmad says:

    I am failed in love and have missed my love, so I am waiting for her but time passes slowly.
    She promised me to come soon. But time goes by so slowly that I couldn’t impose more it is about to burst my heat.

    • Wayan Gregory says:

      The tome goes so quiqkly for me because I have a lots of thing yo do. Some time 24 hours a day is not enough.

  18. Romar R. Vallory says:

    The time passes quickly for me but it´s good for me because I´m a brazilian man and my country is passing by severe economic and political and corruption crisis .

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