Listening to Phrases in a Complex Talk


Listening is a difficult skill. Here are some ideas to help with listening practice:

Do not expect to understand everything at the first listening. Listen for words and phrases that you can understand. Do not worry about the parts you do not get. Focus on what you DO get.

Complex Text

The above audio text is complex text. You will not understand everything at first. It does not matter. It is not important. Just listen.

Which words did you hear?
Which phrases did you identify?

Partial Transcript

The audio is about a book by Herman Hesse

Did you get these:

Hello everyone.

My name is Rachel

a very complicated book

it was published
it was first translated into into English

briefly summarise the plot

a futuristic world

play and nurture

makes it clear

not what Hesse actually intended the book to be about

more than just a coming of age story

hard to explain

the fictional biographer’s perspective

somewhere in my brain i understand

to me ..

especially because

monasteries have served as preservers and keepers of knowledge

The Book Page

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