EnglishConversations.org provides language learning materials to a global audience. We believe that education is the key to making this world a better place.

In addition to all of the free language learning resources we make available on the site – all under a Creative Commons share-alike license – we also offer some more comprehensive lessons in our store.

We believe strongly that education is the key to a healthy, thriving society. In the long term, a society that provides free knowledge will be able to solve all its problems. A society that limits the free flow of knowledge, however, places internal divisions on itself and thus hampers human growth.

Human knowledge is stored and transmitted in human language. This means that language is a key to understanding, and in order to act wisely we need to understand our situation and our neighbors first. Understanding is the key and because of this, language learning, in many ways, must be the basis of an educational system.

That goes for every language. We should all try to master other languages, not just English, in order to expand our outlook. Language is not just a means of communication. It is also the framework upon which we build our ideas; the operating system we use when we think.

Why has English become the world language? It is not because of any innate superiority of English culture. It is the result of an historical accident. Both the British Empire and the English language economic empire which America developed in the vacuum after World War Two have greatly contributed to the spread of the language. In some parts of the world, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Swahili or Mandarin are more effective as the regional lingua franca. English however is the second language that is most widely spoken on earth

We recorded most of our early podcasts with a variety of different people. All of the participants were fully aware that we would use the recordings on this site and we have their permission to do so.

The header is a collage of creative commons photos from Flickr. They are (from left to right):

Yuki – http://www.flickr.com/photos/semansco/69424291/
Diwali Sadhu #1 – http://www.flickr.com/photos/meanestindian/160791405/
Natural Beauty – http://www.flickr.com/photos/bigblonde/361192173/
Big B Fan – http://www.flickr.com/photos/meanestindian/333519903/
Untitled (Connie) – http://www.flickr.com/photos/babasteve/168875315/
Malawi n001 – http://www.flickr.com/photos/babasteve/5398817/
My New Employee – http://www.flickr.com/photos/frischmilch/99659191/
sally – http://www.flickr.com/photos/72146625@N00/621415883/
California Girl – http://www.flickr.com/photos/babasteve/210262232/
Aiden – http://www.flickr.com/photos/lidarose/227514578/
Mason I – http://www.flickr.com/photos/elroy/130966340/
Kashmir – http://www.flickr.com/photos/babasteve/1302175379/
p – http://www.flickr.com/photos/renfield/516829325/

To learn more, visit How to Use This Site. If you still have questions, please contact us.

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  1. Amanda hernandez says:

    I like you program

  2. rs siddartha thero says:

    thank you for you help

  3. berhanu says:

    my name is berhanu, I am from Ethiopia. As you know English is spoken over all of the world and besides it is the language of a science and technology that is bonded the world together so that I wanna to improve, please help me.

  4. Basil says:

    Your style is very unique compared to other folks I have
    read stuff from. Thank you for posting when you’ve got the
    opportunity, Guess I will just book mark this page.

  5. c.rahmaan says:

    Hello I want to help me english conversations

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  8. josias says:

    hello…how are you…?

  9. Hi guys!
    I’m an English teacher from Indonesia. I’m very happy because we have the media for communicating and sharing our experience each other all over the wold. I do hope that we can improve our English.

  10. NavyLiu says:

    Are there any people want to talk with me to practise ours english? I am very grateful to add people on my Skype: navy.szas , I am Navy from China.

  11. erick says:

    Hi, I’m from Mexico

    I need to learn english conversation please..

    see you ..

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  15. mahmoud says:

    Hi, Sorin . I,m Mahmoud ,I,ve read your message . I am eager to speak about everything you want . because it causes for improving my speaking in English, but you must know my English speaking and writting is weak thaks

  16. Olteanu Sorin says:

    Hi everybody

    If you want to speak a lot with a partner,you could talk with me. We could talk any subject everyday. Think about it,it”ll be fun and will learn english too!

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  17. Mahmoud Yahia says:

    Nice to meet you, and i need your kind support to make aconversation. Really i appreciate the self-learning as a most step to be fluent .
    Mahoud Yahia

  18. kalaineemu says:

    i am egarly waiting for your hopeful replies friends.

  19. Captn America says:


    “The concept of nationalism and patriotism is used to unify people in one area and separate them from people in another area so they can be sent to war against each other. Then profit is earned by the weapons manufacturers. This is called “business”, “capitalism” or “fighting for democracy”.”

    Is this an English lesson?
    Interesting. I didnt know Mao, Stalin, and Hitler were Capitalists fighting for democracy.

    • kalaineemu says:


      am new to this site it’s very very useful for me because in english starting begining level.

      whether i dnt know the sentence making also right or wrong i need help to all of them…

      how to improve my english knowledge help me

  20. Khuukhnee says:

    HI nice to meet you

  21. Abi says:

    hi.. i am from india. i am eager to improve my spoken english skills for a better life. i wish to chat with a guy who is really serious of learning. would like to prefer a partner who doesn’t know hindi and malayalam.

  22. Madhav says:

    Hey.. I am very happy to see you all folks conversations here. It’s really helpful. I am an advanced learner. I wish to chat with a friend who are really eager to practice English like me.

    I am requesting any of you pals to come up for the practice via gtalk, calls, video chatting.


  23. wingo says:

    hi every learner

    I am from Taiwan.
    I really really want to improve my english conversation.
    But I have no any one practicing with me.
    If someone wants to find an english practice partner,
    please add me, maybe we can make a progress for english.

  24. munir afghan says:

    hi everyone how are you i hope you are doing very well. i guys i want to speak real conversation in english please can you help me for that thanks..
    i hope you all having a good day ..

    • omar robleh farah says:

      hello my dear friends i love all of you realy and say to you welcm i want to make very time to get time i enjoy speqking english but i need some one to supor me how go for wared

  25. Alex says:

    Guys do you have skype? well, if you have kindly add me.. and lets try to have a conversation. i want to practice english language in real conversation. search: “aesis-suarez” and add me.. thnx

  26. ivakurnia says:

    hi everyone

    can everyone tell to me what’s the topic right now ? I don’t know what should talk about it

    • omar robleh farah says:

      hi nice night all of you i think topic is how to explain some thing that you want to talk about it also my dream that i want is how to speak english and i will continous unit i get , my target i request every one have more experience to help me

  27. Yoo gangsuel says:

    I don’t useing your webcite.
    I’m kyungil university student.
    i want finish subject.
    help me………………………….

  28. Lyn says:

    Thanks. I really appreciate it.

  29. apc33 says:

    Hi Lyn……that one is fine, too. All the content on the site is CC licensed. Thanks so much! Good luck with your project!

  30. Lyn says:

    Thanks, Aaron, but for the picture, I was talking about the one with you and Mark in particular because I want to put it next to where I credit you as the provider of the recordings.

  31. apc33 says:

    Hi Lyn….feel free to link as much as you want to the recordings! They are all published under creative commons licenses. All we ask is for attribution when linking to or sharing the files. As long as you are not outright selling them…….

    The photos should all be under CC licenses as well, but you may want to verify that before using them. Sometimes people change their license or we make a mistake!

    All the best….

    Aaron 🙂

  32. Lyn says:

    OK. Or maybe not? Just to be sure, I’ll wait for your response.

  33. Lyn says:

    How silly of me! I just realized that the picture is at flickr, creative commons licensed, too, right?

  34. Lyn says:

    Hi. I just recently found your webpage, and noticed that it was licensed under creative commons. I’d like to put links to your material from the website I listed so that persons learning English at this site can benefit from this great project of yours. Do you I have your permission to use your picture when I submit your information as providers of the material? Thanks in advance for your response.

  35. Taher Galaleddine says:

    Hi all. i was just like to confirm to the management of this site that they really did a good job. and this material which they providing for free is really high quality material. i just felt that the management may need to listen my comment as a guest. and also i felt whlile i’m checking the site that i have to say thank you.
    Good luck

  36. saeed muhammad says:

    I want to improve my converstation

  37. Jessie Lopez says:

    good luck

  38. Lynie says:

    hi Aaron,

    thanks for answering all my questions… thank you very much. I was just confused on how to pronounce them…

    now i understand….

    Thank you and more power to your site… This site is really helpful to me…



  39. apc33 says:

    Hi Lynie….

    Good to hear from you again. To answer your question: both pronunciations of ‘the’ and ‘a’ are perfectly fine; you can use either without any problem. Typically, ‘ey’ and ‘dhe’ are only spoken when the speaker is talking slowly, but you will still hear all four different pronunciations regardless of the conversation pace.

    I hope that answers your question.


  40. Lynie says:

    Hi apc33,

    thanks for the explanation… i understand it… your explanation is so clear… i guess i wont be confuse again…

    i want to ask question again… its how to properly say “the” and “a”

    of course i know that they are articles…. indefinite and definite… i also know how to use them….

    my problem is how to pronounce them….

    She is a tall girl. (the article ‘a’ should be pronounced /a/ or /ey/?)

    I have to give the pen to my daddy. (‘the’ is pronounced /dha/ or /dhe/?)

    I’m confused…. please help me…

    I hope my question is clear also, its better if im in front of you speaking ‘the’ and ‘a’

    anyway, thank you very much….

    you really helped a lot…

    God Bless….

  41. joy says:

    great wedsite in the world!! having find more here!!!

  42. crack says:

    my girl crazy, man!

  43. apc33 says:

    Hi Dr. Ramani….

    All content on this site is available under this copyright license. You are free to use any of the recordings according to the terms outlined in the license. Should you need further permissions, you’ll have to hear from Mark directly.

    Glad to see that you enjoy Mark’s work!

  44. Dr.N.Ramani says:

    Hi Mark,
    I am working on a package for the Indian English learners.
    I would like to use some of the recordings of yours. Can I download and incorporate the samples of English across the world in my package?
    I should appreciate the GREAT work you are doing.
    Thanks and regards,

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  46. Write Pics says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for the responsible use of my photo on your web page :

    I appreciate the attribution.

    Write Pics

  47. Aisha says:

    Hi Mark,

    Hope you are doing great !

    I happened to visit BBC English Learning website for english learners. The most useful feature of the website is that every lesson has its a relevant quiz on the same page. User can read, learn, listen and even test himself without moving to another page. Its quite helpful to not let break the consistency till end. Its really time saving. have a look at it


    Your work is of great worth to me and as a regular visitor of your web site I would suggest you to put small true false quizes. They will definitely make your work more useful.

    I offer you my help in creating these quizes :D, although my english is not very good but I would love to make a little partcipation in your tremendous effort for English lovers !

    Have you found your required software? Or still working on it?

    God Bless You!


  48. apc33 says:

    Hi Lynie….long time no see!

    Who vs. Whom is a confusing question, even for native speakers. Grammatically speaking, ‘who’ is the subject of the verb, while ‘whom’ is an object pronoun. Another easy way to remember it is to try to rephrase the sentence or question using ‘she’ or ‘her’. If you need to use ‘she’, then ‘who’ should be used, while if you need to use ‘her’ then ‘whom’ should be used. For example:

    “The runner, who came in first, won the trophy.”

    She won the trophy. So, ‘who’ is correct.

    “The woman, who I wanted to see, ran away quickly.”
    “The woman, whom I wanted to see, ran away quickly.”

    ‘She ran away quickly’, not ‘her ran away quickly’. So, ‘who’ is again correct.

    “With whom will you run away?”

    I will run away with her. So, ‘whom’ is correct.

    “I will run away with whomever I choose.”

    I will run away with her. So, ‘whomever’ is correct.

    Do you understand? That’s the best I can do to explain it right now.

    In the end, just remember that even native speakers don’t always get it right, so whichever way you say it, people will understand you. Good communication is really what matters!

  49. Lynie says:

    Hi aaron and mark,

    hello… its been a long time! i have a question on how to use who and whom in a sentence particularly in adjectival phrase and adjectival clause.

    let’s say:

    The runner who came in first won the trophy.

    I can use who in this sentence because the noun is the object of the verb.

    The woman who I wanted to see run away quickly.

    In this sentence, its the same as the first sentence but I can possibly use whom in this sentence.

    The woman whom I wanted to see run away quickly.

    My question is, how can I determine when to use whom or who in a sentence? In the first sentence, I can only use who, but in the second sentence, I can use both, whom and who or that… and the rule is the same in that two sentences…

    please help… i’m really confused!

    Thank you…

  50. apc33 says:

    Hi Fernando…glad to see that you enjoy the site. Let us know if you have any suggestions.

    We’re coming out with a dialog soon for business English. Stick around.



  51. Fernando says:

    Hi!, I’m trying to take a job in an multinational company. To do that I need to speak English very well, so, I search in google about ” english conversations” and find you.

    This site is great,
    Thanks for it !!!!

  52. Mark White says:

    Hey Aisha

    It is great to hear from someone who loves learning any language. I really like the idea of making the site more user-friendly as a forum and as an interactive feedback venue.

    Aaron is much more tech savvy than me but I know the problem is related to finding the right kind of software to do what we want to do.

    Specific language for professions is needed, right?

    Business Writing (correspondence) Skills are needed, right?

    We will get to work on that.

    Many thanks mate


    ps : keep us posted on how it works so we can keep working to improve it

  53. Mark White says:

    Hey Les

    I really liked what you did with the track. Gord has a great booming yet subdued voice and I mumble so bass-ically. Then the overlay and interplay of your rhythmic whirring electronic beat..wow!…..

    I could not listen to the whole thing easily as I am on a dial-up connection in the Thai netherlands but next time I get to Bangkok and a fast connection I will listen properly.

    It reminds me of the original HG Wells “War of the Worlds” (Was it 1936?) with the voice-over by this Richard Burton-sounding guy and the rhyming (or alliteration or whatever) of “WAR of the Worlds” and “Watercar”…the words.

    Text and music. Thoughts and sounds. Mixing. Lots going on. ..and then the music coming in..what was that “war of the worlds” album and who did it..in the seventies..eighties?

    Taking things out of context is really interesting artistically. I remember I was blown away to see the town of Kanazawa on the coast of Japan; Wow! A town with the name of a song on a Bowie album. But it was the other way around. Bowie had been to Kanazawa….. and John Lennon’s “Shaved Fish” was a common Tokyo menu item. (katsuo bushi) I love the bizarre. It is not really bizarre. But the feeling of bizaare-ness that it awakens in us is magical. It is the opposite of boredom.

    beautiful night mate


  54. Aisha Ilyas says:

    I am seeking another favoure from you, have you got any website where I can get improved my bussiness letter writting. As I have search many times but could not found except some letters samples repeasting on different websites.

    If you know tell me .



  55. Aisha Ilyas says:

    Hi Mark,

    Your work is just wow!

    I have been using your website for last 6 months, Its a great help for zealous English learners like me!

    I suggest you to add some sorts of tests or trails so that learners can judge their level…

    There must be some sort of Conversational exercises on your website where everyone can record his creation of dialogs or stories etc and can receive the correction and feedback from you people.

    There must be a specific portion, Conversations for Professionals.

    Warm regards,

    Aisha Ilyas

  56. Les Wilkins says:

    I have used one of your conversations on a music track I have done with a friend – I assume that this is OK under the Creative Commons License, but we are both new to this so thought it best to check with you. If you visit my MySpace page as above, the track in question is ‘Replaged’; I have credited your site as the source of the vocals in the blog section.

    We do not anticipate this track being used commercially (some hope!) other than to exist on MySpace and to be used in our DJ sets. If you wish it to be removed, please let me know.

    Thanks for your unwitting contribution!


  57. yoshi says:

    hi, mark.

    nice to meet you again!

    i’m back in japan and found your web site.
    it is always very exciting to talk with foreginers. i hope we’ll meet you again. i guess i’ll be back there in next april, thogh i don’t know if you there.


  58. Carlton says:

    G’day Irv.

    Finally a web site that can help so many people, just goes to show that there is still some good in this world.
    Well done keep up the good work we all need to communicate and have some fun doing it.


    M Carlton

  59. Mark White says:

    Hey Eglantine,

    Thanks for your nice message. Please link!

    I would love to hear about what you are doing. You can tell us about it here or if you prefer, email me at:



  60. Dear Mark and Aaron,

    First, let me congratulate you on your website: it’s really original and inspiring! I am currently working on a language learning website project I would love to tell you about (briefly!) I’d actually like to ask your permission for linking our website to yours. So if you would be so nice as to send me a little message I would really appreciate it!!!
    Many thanx,


  61. Mark White says:

    Congratulations Brian
    Make sure you give us a call when you get back.
    Travel safe

  62. Brian says:

    Hi Mark, hope you ok? just took a look at your website, i think its a good way to approach English, if i ever get to the stage of teaching in Sakon Nakhon it will be very usefull.
    At the moment we are still in Bangkok and we are going to get Married tommorow. We still havnt sorted out what we are going to do about a visa yet, if we dont go for one i will be back November ,December and will try make arrangments to meet up with you. Take care. Regards Brian

  63. apc33 says:

    Glad you like it, Murugan. If you have any suggestions, please give them to us.

    Lynie, I haven’t worked with children in a classroom setting for many years, so I’m totally unfamiliar with websites that give game ideas. If you find any good ones, please email them to me or post them here.

  64. murugan says:


    good for this site

    very excellent

    very super



  65. Lynie says:

    Hi aaron,

    wow! This is a nice suggestion… that’s what im really doing you know, we’re playing games and she’s leading, i’ll just follow her and if i have the right timing, i integrate our lesson and i always correct her grammar. We always pretend to be in a situation, like in the supermarket, in school, in the clinic, at home, we’re getting along fine but this other teacher suddenly bribe her with candies and chocolates, thats why im really irritated.

    I would like to ask you if you could give me some sites where i can pick other games to integrate in our lesson. Thank you so much… you’re really helping me.

    Thanks a lot,

  66. apc33 says:

    Lynie…In my opinion, a 4-year-old child should NOT be forced to study any subject for two hours day. And if there is another teacher, that means the poor girl is studying many more hours than that. All children should be playing and having fun – that’s how they learn best. Reading and writing should wait until the child is ready.

    Given your situation, however, I think you should find ways to integrate what you are trying to teach her into lots of play and games. The focus should be on playing games, not the material itself. If you use English in the games, she will become familiar with it naturally. Change games every 10 min or so, or whenever she seems bored. Use music, color, lots of running around, have fun, laugh – go to the playground down the street, catch insects and worms, kick balls. Take her to the zoo.

    The other teacher is probably giving her chocolates out of desperation. If you lock a child up and force her to do boring things, she naturally will resist. Don’t concern yourself with the other teacher and her methods. Just give the child as much freedom as possible and do your best to celebrate life together. Let her lead the way and have fun. Then she will forget all about chocolate and come to love and respect you.

    Good luck…

  67. Lynie says:

    hi aaron,

    thanks for the suggestions and now i always check the net to test my vocabulary in the free online test. and mind me asking, i have a little problem in my teaching english language with one of my student. My student is 4yrs. old, she’s korean and she in nursery at Brent school, her mother hired me as a private teacher for two hrs everyday, and there’s this another teacher that teaches her how to write and some other stuffs. It was going along fine until today, the kid doesn’t want to study with me because she said i dont have a chocolate and a candy. I said why? we dont need to eat when studying and chocolate is bad for small kids like you. I was so depressed and i really feel sad. Im thinking if my idea of not bribing a kid or threatening is not good strategy to gain your students interest in studying.

    in this situation, im really mad at the other teacher because she bribed the kid just to study with her… and i think its not good.

    ooohh please help me, i dont know what to do…

    thank you very much…


  68. apc33 says:

    Thanks Julie – what a surprise to see you here! We’ll have to get you talking about the world of nursing in the U.S.

    See you soon,


  69. Julie says:

    Hey bro!
    I finally got a chance to look at this site. Pretty awesome to see how many people you have influenced. I will make sure to let more people know about this site. Looking forward to seeing you soon.


  70. apc33 says:

    Hi Lynie…

    If I were you, I would take as many practice tests as possible. As we say in English, “Practice makes perfect.”

    I am sure that there are plenty of online sites offering practice tests. If you are serious about getting a good score, if might even be worth paying a fee to access more of them, or perhaps a site that offers a course in TOEFL strategies. Remember, the TOEFL doesn’t test your English ability as much as it tests how well you have prepared to take the test!

    English Club offers a few simple tips:

    While you can listen to a TOEFL podcast here:

    Good luck! Maybe Mark has a few more ideas?

  71. Lynie says:

    hi aaron,

    good day!

    I want to take a TOEFL examination. Could you give me some suggestions on how am i going to pass this exam and what could be the areas in english language that i have to review or learn more?

    Thank you very much…


  72. Mark White says:

    Hey Shotaro

    Nice to hear from you.

    Are you still taking pictures? I bet you have taken a million since we last talked. Email me at


    Cheers Mark

  73. shotaro says:

    Mark, how have you been??

    I’m shotaro
    I was your student at Ryukoku UNI.

    last semester, i belonged to your friend’s class, John.

    he told me about this blog. it’s really nice site.

    I lost your e-mail address, so cloud u give me a e-mail?

    take care

  74. edo says:

    The RSS feed for comments works well for finding comments.

  75. apc33 says:

    Good suggestion Edo. I’ll look into a better way to locate comments.

    Glad you and your student(s) are liking Interactive Stories!

  76. edo says:

    I was thinking like an archive or an index of comments orposts for the whole site might be useful. Hard for me to remember where I left a comment and to see if somebody responded or not. Thread list ? I don’t know the exact jargon for it.

  77. edo says:

    Thanks for the Kamo River info… I’ll check it out on a map. Loving those Rivers ! Easy to find on the map and in real life.

    BTW„ÄÅI really enjoyed using Asian Odyssey with a private student. She’s a low-level university student but speaks up well. We really enjoyed practicing saying “Uh-huh” and What does… mean ? She needs this practice. I can’t tell if she understands me or not so I switch to Japanese a lot. It’s great for introducing new vocab too which is very interesting. I had her take notes. Japanese on one side and English on the other. She asked how do you spell it ? too. She needs the answering practice too. She liked the open questions. And we would think of names of the bar and the university and other details. Great fun. Could talk about her personal stuff this way too. What’s a good bar to go to for University Students in Osaka ? Where do you go with your friends to dance ? etc… I talked about Gaijin bars. What is a Gaijin Bar ? …
    Well thanks a million !
    I love Interactive Stories !


  78. Mark White says:

    Hey Edo
    I do not know about the Osaka end of the route but the canal that runs out of Kamo River in Kyoto and goes down through Fushimi runs for a long way in the direction of Osaka. Water flows downhill. I guess it is going to Osaka?
    Loving those Rivers.

  79. Lynie says:

    Hi aaron,
    Thanks for answering my question…
    Now I understand whats the difference of those two sentences…

    Just in case I have another question, I will ask again.

    Thank you so much..

    More power and God bless..

  80. Aaron says:

    Hi Lynie…

    Excellent question! There are no really “correct” answers to this; it’s mostly a matter of usage, which will vary amongst different cultures and geographic regions.

    Where I’m from, being “in bed” usually means you are under the covers or are there for the purpose of sleeping. We also have ‘breakfast in bed’ on lazy Sunday mornings.

    We never say, “on bed” but instead say “on the bed” when we don’t plan to be there very long and are doing something other than sleeping. For example, “I’m sitting on the bed right now” or “I’m standing on the bed to fix a broken ceiling light” or “I’m lying on the bed for a short nap.”

    Sometimes the use of these two phrases overlaps, as in “I’m studying in bed” and “I’m studying on the bed”. The former might imply that you just woke up from a long night’s sleep and are studying, or that you are going to study for a long time until you go to sleep; while the latter might be said in the afternoon during a one-hour study session, after which you get up and go eat dinner.

    Let us know if you have any more questions. See you!

  81. Lynie says:

    Hello aaron,

    I have a question, I’m really confused with which is the correct way to say this,

    “I’m on bed” or “I’m in bed?”

    because I usually heard on tv I’m in bed, but when I follow the rules in grammar, I’m on bed is more appropriate.

    Thanks for anticipating your answer.

    More power!!

  82. apc33 says:

    Edo…good suggestions. Eventually we plan to either install a translation plugin or actually get someone to translate the “how to use this site” page for us. We may go with the former for the moment, since we are still in the process of rapid change right now.

    The hills north of Kyoto are beautiful for cycling. I don’t know how “safe” they are though.

  83. edo says:

    OK. Thanks for asking for my comments. Pretty easy to navigate for me as it is. I like the keyword tags. And hotlinks to pictures and stuff. Maybe a how to use this site in Japanese ? And about language learning in Japanese.

    My big goal this summer is to try to find a safe road for cycling from Osaka to Kyoto that goes along the Yodogawa River. There’s a nice cycling path from Nara to Arashiyama, too, that I’d like to check out sometime. Have to check out North Kyoto, now, too.



  84. apc33 says:

    Hi Eddie…Thanks so much for your enthusiastic feedback. We will be adding new content and making many positive changes to the site over the next few months that will hopefully improve navigation and overall user experience. For now, the best way you can help is simply to offer suggestions on how to improve the site. Feel free to drop me an email anytime: aaronpcampbell[at]gmail.com

    Hey, if you ever find yourself jogging up in the north of Kyoto, drop by and say ‘hi’.

    Aaron 🙂

  85. Eddie Liddle says:

    Wow, this site is great ! What a resource for leaning ! There’s a real lack of access to graded, enjoyable, interesting text for English language learners (Japanese language leaners, too ?)
    I used the site for professional development. I used it with a private student yesterday. She really enjoyed it. Is it ok to use with my students and in class ? Thank you. Maybe I can make a donation or get my students to donate. Or help with supporting the site somehow. I hope it takes off and maybe you can get bought out by a big publisher or something.
    But yeah, I think besides enjoying learning (great stuff in the how to use this site section) the interactive stories are wonderful and really meets a lack of resources here. I loved this:

    What is an Interactive Story?

    The technique consists of a story, which includes both sentences and questions so that as one student reads it to the other, the listener can respond to the questions and interact with the storyteller and the story itself by making it up as they go along.

    What are they for?
    The goal of an interactive story is to teach narratives in graded language (like graded readers) but orally and interactively. Each episode of the story is written in successively more complex syntax. Since the progressively more complicated sentence patterns are introduced in the context of a story, the learner can learn grammar in context.

    Well, thank you so much !

    Eddie Liddle
    Kawachinagano-shi, Osaka-fu, Japan

  86. apc33 says:

    Hi Hamdi…great suggestion! We will definitely be adding a “business English” category sometime in the next 6 months. Looks for lots of positive developments on this site soon!

  87. Hamdi says:

    Thanks Very Much,
    this site helps me much …
    but could you provide us english conversations for negotiation, business communication and also interview in english ^_^

    Hamdi (Indonesia)

  88. apc33 says:

    Thanks Richard. Let us know if you have any suggestions.

  89. richard says:

    thanks you very much..
    congratulation for this site its great really wondrefull…
    thanks again for all person build this great site

  90. Aaron says:

    Hi Lynie…Thanks for your comment. Anytime you have a question, feel free to ask.


  91. lynie says:

    hi everybody. just come acroos this site. i think its cool to be one of you. I am learning the English language, written and spoken. Could you help me sometimes when I need your help?

  92. apc33 says:

    Hi Felipe….We are happy you are using the site. If you could give us some suggestions on how to improve it, or at least tell us what you like the most about it, we would appreciate it.



  93. Felipe says:

    I’m brasilian, and I’ve been improving my english by this website…Congratulations and still working we need it….Thanks a lot….

  94. melih says:

    I am learning English.

  95. melih says:

    I am leaning English.

  96. ranadheer says:

    i want learn english language.

    pl send me any metirial.

    i will pay the money

  97. Vikas Chopra says:

    Hi this side vks

    Today i just told you one question that if any person ask you so how can you answer this question :

    Q What would you says about your english skills set on the scale of one to ten, ten begin the best were do you rate your self?

    Ans I would say that my level of speaking and understanding english is cool, enough to communicate in any conversation as far as rating go I would belived that you would be a best judge on that.

  98. bubykesy says:

    i want to learn english language

  99. Uncle Irv says:

    Hey Joel
    Go ahead. Let us know what you did and how it worked.
    cheers Mark

  100. Joel says:


    I would like to know if you would give me permission to use one of the interviews in one of my classes. I teach at a small jr. college in Nagano City. If it’s OK, would let me edit it? I want to shorten the interview by cutting out the middle part that is too difficult for my students.

    Great site!


  101. Brendan Moloney says:

    Hi Mark,

    This is Brendan from Rits. I wasn’t sure of your email address or how to get a hold of you, but I was wondering if you would have time to be interviewed on Australian English in Japan.

    If you have any free time available in January, and you are happy to participate, please let me know … it would be a great help.

    Thanks alot,



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