How to Use This Site

Just have fun and just play with the material. That is the best way to learn. You can:

  • Listen to the conversations.
  • Read the conversations.
  • Explore the tags.
  • Click the links.
  • Write comments in the comments section below each conversation.
  • Ask questions in the comments section below each conversation.
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If you are a teacher and you have to lead your students into a teacher-directed activity with conversations from this site in your class, please download the sound file and copy and print the text and make a copy for each of your students.

After you do that, you can

1. Get the students to read it to each other.

2. Get the students to act it out.

3. Blank out words and get the students to listen and fill in the missing words.

4. Get the students to adapt the conversation to their own situation by changing names etc then get them to role-play it without the text.

5. Ask the students questions about the text after they have listened. If they do not know the answer, get them to listen again.

But first, please read the essay: Learning Languages.

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