Affiliate Program

Thank you for your interest in our affiliate program. You can receive 50% commissions on all purchases at our Store referred by you.

How it Works

When you join our affiliate program, you will receive a unique hoplink that you can put on your website. When others click that link and then buy something from our Store, you will receive half of the sale price. The affiliate software program – e-junkie – deposits a cookie on the computer of the user when they click the link, thereby identifying that person as your referral. The cookie will expire after 6-months.

Payment of Commissions

We will pay exactly 50% of all sales as a direct result of your referrals. We send payment on or around the 15th day of the following month. You must have a PayPal account to receive payment.

Keeping Track of Sales

To follow your sales, just log into your e-junkie affiliate admin account and click on the link “View/Download Earning Report”. There you will be able to see all sales as a result of your referrals.

Images and Banners

You may use the following images and banners to help promote our products on your site.

Your Hop Link

Once you sign up for our affiliate program, you will receive a URL that looks something like the following:

This link will point your referrals to The Store on our site.

The values on the query string (highlighted in red) uniquely identify you as the referring affiliate and will redirect to our shop page. Be sure to use your values and not the ones in the above example.

How to Redirect to Another Page

If you want to send people to a page other than The Store, you can add an extra value to your affiliate URL to redirect them. For instance, the following URL will redirect to the free Interactive Stories Training Course page:

The redirect URL code is highlighted in red.

Join Now

To join our affiliate program, just click the blue button below. It’s entirely free. And by clicking the button below to join our program, you agree to our Affiliate Terms and Conditions.

When you click the button above, it means that you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

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