The English Conversations Almanac is an English learner’s diary of weather and world events. It gives news, current events and weather information and explains the language of news, current events and weather. Keep your English up-to-date!

English Conversations Almanac Entries

26 October 2010 – Almanac – Discussion Topics

17 October 2010 – Almanac – Discussion Topics

Tuesday 24 August 2010 – Mt. Vesuvius eruption, Sturgeon Moon, death penalty in China, 7 hours of sleep, white-collar crime, haiku

Monday 23 August 2010 – partly cloudy, Mosque controversy, Pakistan floods, castration

Friday 20 August 2010 – wet and windy , American politics, French deportation, troops out of Iraq

Thursday 19 August 2010 – clear, grammar in Portuguese, military spending in China, Colombian airbases, Google in Spain

Wednesday 18 August 2010 – fine and clear, Mexican kidnapping, French protest, Pakistani disaster

Tuesday 17 August 2010 – fine and clear, US Gulf coast, Russian storm, Mexican explosion, Malaysian election slander

Monday 16 August 2010 – fine and windy, flood and fire in Eurasia, drug cartels in Mexico

Sunday 15 August 2010 – fine, Russia and Iranian nuclear reactor, Inuit in Greenland

Saturday 14 August 2010 – fine, indigenous people and bauxite mine in India, dead bodies in Bosnia, resettlement for dam in Wuhan, China

Friday 13 August 2010 – fine, Abkhazia and Russian missiles, Korean situation, Iraq and the US pullout, Japan and Iran and UN sanctions

Thursday 12 August 2010 – fine and windy, Ramadan, Thai Mothers’ Day, Pakistan flood warning, Amazon political party, planting peas

Wednesday 11 August 2010 – Mayan Calendar, raining, Chinese TV stations, US defense spending, Israeli flotilla raid

Tuesday 10 August 2010 – no moon, raining, wheat harvest in Russia, mudslides in China, Amazon River trek

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      I like the Green party and its leader, Bob Brown. He is trying to convince the major parties to deal with climate change and environmental issues more effectively.

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