Breaking News – Save the Tuna!

The tuna is a large fish at the top of the food chain. Overfishing has meant the Blue-fin Tuna is facing extinction now. The ICCAT is meeting now to find a way to save the tuna. You can help save the tuna. Sign the petition at this link:



The original meaning of “summit” is the top of a mountain:

Edmund Hillary climbed to the summit of Mt Everest.

Summit” can also mean “big important meeting

The Parts of a Fish

dorsal fin

Draw a picture of a fish and mark the parts. It will help you to remember vocabulary. Drawing is a good memory technique.

Food Chain

The food chain is the link between big fish and small fish.

A Simplified Food Chain

Big fish eat medium-sized fish and medium-sized fish eat small fish while small fish eat microorganisms like algae.


The ICCAT The International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna

Grammar – Conditionals

If fishing is not stopped, the tuna will become extinct.

If tuna become extinct, nothing will eat the medium-sized fish.

If nothing eats the medium-sized fish, there will be too many medium-sized fish.

If there are too many medium -sized fish, they will eat the small fish.

If there are no small fish, nothing will eat the micro-organisms like algae.

If nothing eats the algae there will be a huge algae bloom and everything will die.

If the tuna becomes extinct, the food chain will collapse.

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  1. Jeanie says:

    We should protect the food chain well, so we must save the tuna.
    haha, don’t eat tuna anymore.

  2. Hi every body,what is Tuna ?
    This is new for me

  3. mentari says:

    hi everybody! I don’t know there is a big problem about the extinction of tuna. Is it because of fishing it in the large scale? My family and I consume tuna regularly but not much, about one kilogram per month. I like tuna because it is easy to cook and easy to find it in the local market near my house. I think we have to stop excessive fishing, just take only what you need. Then the nature will lead the numbers of tuna into the balance.

  4. alyaamalik says:

    thanks for informing us about Tuna fish ,as a human ,we all should care about our environment.

  5. tanyan says:

    I’m from Iran. My country is very beautiful. With different climates and with so much history and with people with intelligence and Nvaz·hstnd guests. With beautiful forests and mountains. Beautiful beaches and beautiful desert stars, very

  6. shahzad says:

    salam to every body i hope u all living happy life good luck in futurethanks

  7. Gabor Nagy says:

    I have found this sentence on this page.
    “If tuna become extinct, nothing will eat the medium-sized fish.”
    The “s” is missing, isn’t it?

  8. dulfiya says:

    thank you for your breaking news about tuna.we have to know every thing.thank you agin

  9. fourth says:

    I am very sorry because i didnot enter to web from long time because i am so basy and tank you for e_mail messages

  10. Benlalia says:

    hello everybody,

    I’m Azeddine from Morocco, last week, we celebrate aid aladha, for two days,for the first day, we start by prayer in the morning, after this, we slaughtered the sheep,and we invite the family or go to the family and family in law, we aite the meat, & give seme part to the poor people.
    This day is a day of the muslim people i like my religion, i’m very happy.

  11. sileshi d. says:

    thanks for giving attention to save tuna.

  12. Octavian says:

    tuna is good for traetment of the Alzhaimer disease, but I thought the nature will create a balance in all this things.

  13. Dr Alak says:

    I am really becoming benefited learning a lot through your important message sent by e-mails and do hope this help will be available in the days to come.

  14. elsayed hussain says:

    In middle east country ihe main problem is fishing of small sized fishes and using it in another purposes such as food for birds, also one of the most dangers facing fish is the high water poolution either from plant chemicals and oil leakage from ships.

  15. alex says:

    Maybe we can send the information about tuna extintion in different medias and divulge to the other people this problem.

  16. suhel samad says:

    Hay I am suhel from Bangladesh. Now I am in Dubai. So last week I was in jemerah beach It was so good everything.

  17. Djoko says:

    Many people like to eat tuna, because they are very delicious and there are no bone thorns. Many factories produce canned fish and their raw material from tuna. I suggest all factories that produced canned fish don’t use tuna, but used fishes that can buy from the fish farm. But unfortunately the kinds of fishes in the fish farm are many bone thorns in their body. This problem can solved with technology, because in my country bone thorns of fish’s body can eaten. So we could save tuna through this method and the farmers of fishes can develop their business.

  18. bolandian says:

    I heard Russia and NATO recently make an agreement to plan better solution for difficult problem.

  19. fatima says:

    Hi every one, thank you for the information, and i will get alot of information from this site


  20. hamed says:

    im think whole caboodle of fishes are in danger so we most to maintain all of the animalls bc they r live in our world.

    • Arafath says:

      Hi every one ….! Thanks for the information about tuna basicaly i dont like tuna but we have to stop eat tuna bcoz for its growth and my suggetion is thry have to make some priod to fishingtuna

  21. Norma says:

    Today we celebrated the commemoration of the “Revolución Mexicana” 100 years ago.
    There were several historical events in Puebla city, Mexico.

  22. Y Nguyen says:

    Thanks so much!


  23. Engy Sobhy says:

    hi, what can i do for this problem, tuna fish is important food in the fast.

  24. maryam says:

    hello everybody. I am from Iran.I live in tehran.I would like to speak english fluently. I think this site can help me .thank you for informing aboout tuna.

  25. Arma says:

    Hi,everybody,i am sorry reading all that about tuna,i have heard about other animals that are in Red Book now.Thanks for interesting information

  26. Carlos Rodriguez says:

    Hellow¡ everybody, I’m from El Salvador, ist a small country located in Central America. I’m sorry, but I like tuna, its delicius for me, but if tuna is extinct, I’ll so sorry

  27. laila says:

    i think this system veru uesful to foucus in any mew Vocabulary
    ineed any native launguege to councete me to practic in my emil sooden or skype

  28. cindy says:

    huft.. i don’t know what now must i do now??? 🙁

  29. budi says:

    Tuna fish ? I like it, and in the side hand I worry to save tuna but I don’t no what to do. stoped to eat tuna fish may be ?

  30. Tarik says:

    I am from Egypt and the braking news in our region is:
    1- The water Nile river distribution between the countries that the river across among them.
    2- The election of people council.
    3- The transferring of football players from club to another clubs.

    I want submit my opinion for saving tuna.
    1- Fishing the Tuna must be in the season after increasing the tuna.
    2- Eating Tuna too much it causes increase the URIC in the blood. The increasing URIC in the blood will affect the Kidneys performance.


  31. Tran Van Hoa says:

    The danger of climat change in the world,
    Since many years, for raising products and profit, many countries have made climat changed. Their factories gave out a lot of smoke and dusk into the air. It mainly made climat changed, typhoons, flood destroyed many houses, buildings, fields of regions in the world. The human being made it. They seem to kill themselves with those ways step by step, I think. If the United Nations do not seek ways to stop these, life of human being will be in the big danger and can be perishable. Every nation always thinks development, but damage to others. Oh who will save this world!

  32. Phi Thuan says:

    Dear teacher,
    I am writing to you to say many thanks to you. T really enjoy your lessons and It is very very helpful for me to improve my English skill. I want to be your pernament student, but I have difficult in owning a credit card. How should I do now to have your lessons regularly. Help your poor student.Best wishes to you.

  33. sukainaabbas says:


  34. natarajan says:


  35. shahzad says:

    Allah will save the tuna. we can also do this job easily. we should stop fishing when fish is laying on eggs. we carry on fishing and eating fish whole the year then how can we do this job so stop fishing only for four month in a year u can make it possible and protect the life of all fishes thanks

  36. nawin says:

    Hello every body ;
    Reducing the tuna population day by day, due to more carouses ,mostly tuna killed by Global war ,some tunas are killed by Humans all so they are using bombs and chemicals while hunting the fishes that is most effect on tunas ,we do not think about producing new generations, mostly asked what we can do?, How to save the tuna ?
    we do only one thing stop eating tuna fishes take another alternate food .

  37. omair says:

    the breaking news about our country is that their is a one type of festival , which we call Eid ul azha , is a big festival , it is one of our religious trend which we celebrate every year , it comes one time in a year .
    like every Eid we celebrated this eid in a great passion and in a more interested way .

  38. Mohand says:

    If fishing is not stopped, the tuna will become extinc. Certainly , we are in front of a big dilemma. Eating the Tuna or the Tuna eats us. That’s an enormous mistake that human being could do in his existence like a nuclear weapons or fighting for territories that we leave behind after death. The life is very simple for stupid humankind. killing, killing and killing till we kill ourselves at the end of the lopp.
    My God, eating Tuna it’s great but abusing it’s harm. So do we think about the new generation, about the future, and what kind of mentality do we have to suffer our Mother Earth because of our selfish behavior. Does the nature knows how to defend its self? Does the nature have the weapons to struggle against the hothead people. I’m sure that we never get the answer. But Mother Earth never needs any help. we have just to live in harmony with it. It provides the huge ressources that are starting to be scarce because of uncontrollable and madness actions.
    However, On day the tuna will disappear such forests, clouds and manything else. I don’t believe that the honest human being could shut up against the deaf minority thinking from the stomach and begets the famine and starvation either for the rest of Human being or Mother Earth.
    thank you.

  39. Vasily says:

    Hello to everyone!
    I have never eaten tuna, it’s true.
    Could you say to me how it tastes:) (I was just joking).
    I think it’s a very important issue.
    Thank you Aaron and Mark.

  40. behnam says:

    hello dear
    i am from iran
    i think for save Tuna must use the power of peopel culture
    local election said this danger informatin by newspaper and bilboard

  41. fahimeh says:

    thanks for informing us about Tuna fish ,as a human ,we all should care about our environment.

  42. Kabir says:

    We should save Tuna in order to save our lives. But how can we do it?

  43. moe makha says:

    to sustain the food chain and consever the ocean ecosystme, what shall we do?
    If there any way to do, I am ready to pariticipate in it.
    At first, what I can do is to reduce the eating of toona and sushi.

  44. habiba abbasi says:

    what we cna do???

  45. ursula says:

    I`m happy that English Conversion uses this platform to publish the Aavaz-petition and to talk about the TUNA problem. Unfortunately, only a few comments are engaged in this subject which affects all of us. At least a few years later. Does anybody know whether the Japanese media discuss the tuna-problem? If so it`s hard to undestand why they don`t stop eating tuna. Maybe people are not aware that the extintion of the tuna is the beginning of the extintion of sushi. unless the chemical industry will develop a cyber-shushi.

  46. PIck says:

    The tuna food sell in my country is a can-tuna.I didn;t eat that much.
    But I read this Breaking news ,just concern about them.

  47. Mike says:

    protecting our environment is protecting the life of us and of our next generations

  48. R.Sindukala says:

    Thank you so much for the alert!I,m realy worry about this!
    SAVE THE TUNA FISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Gnanamali says:

    Everybody has to pay the attention on this regard otherwise one day we all may be in danger.


  50. Karim says:

    There is some thing important in our hand that we can do is to reduce eating TUNA , if you are eating dail reduce to one or two times a week.
    Always if we want we can do.
    For me first time to hear about this subject ,i will do my best to reduce eating Tuna.

    Thank you

  51. khangnt says:

    Oh, I did not write any words responding to ” Breaking News – Save the Tuna in my above comments. I have digressed from the subject 🙁

  52. khangnt says:

    Hi everybody! Tomorrow is 20 November, the Teachers’ Day in our country – Vietnam. 20 November has been becoming a traditional day here. Our nation has a long-stand tradition, i.e “venerating teachers and respecting moral standards”. In this day we come to visit and offer our old, present teachers flowers or small gifts to express our sincere thanks to them. As a mother of two children going to school we visit their teachers too.

  53. maitrang says:

    tôi ??n t? vi?t nam hôm nay là 14 t?c tháng 10 ? n??c tôi nh?ng ng??i ??o ph?t thì s? ?n chay và ?i chùa . tôi c?ng th??ng ?i chùa vào nh?ng này l? này.

  54. Rajeshkumar says:

    Hello everybody

    I from India and as vegetarian never heard earlier about TUNA . People should think and I wish to act all to save the TUNA.

  55. Palani says:

    palani from chennai india. recently we shifted our house from city to out of city 35 km away. i miss my born and broght up place. it is just because of the globalisation which made us to not to get the living cost. i love my chennai. every weekend i go there..

  56. Tran Van Hoa says:

    Breaking news
    Save tuna being extinct in the world
    International information lets us know that most tuna are in danger of extinction in the world. Vietnam like Asean countries, is interested in the big problem. 14 marine conservation zones were set up along the coast. Vietnam signed a lot of sea protection agreements. Accoring to ICCI, Japan consumes around 80% of global supply of bluefin tuna; tuna will be extinct in Mediterranean sea and Eastern Atlantic Ocean in the future.What do you think of it?

  57. zelia says:

    In my region all the stores (trade) stays open until 10 p.m., a month before the night of Christmas.

  58. Si Ath Horth says:

    Hello everybody
    I’m Horth Si Ath from Cambodia.Tomorrow in Cambodia there will be a custom festival named Water Festival will be held in front of Royal Palace in Phnom Penh city called the four cross rivers:Mekong river , Tonlesab river , Mekong krob river and Tonle Basak river.
    In the river the racing boat about 300 boats will race from 11 am to 5 pm .Each boat
    contains 50 to 60 boat racing sporters . Along the river bank there a lot of people
    from every 24 towns and provinces through the country. We have 3 days holiday and go for a walk at night to watch the fireworks.
    Happy Water Festival

    • moe makha says:

      woowww. In Camboidia, there is also water festival. We also have the water festival in Myanmar. But your festival time is different from ours. In our country, water festival is in April, from 12th to 17th. 17th April is Myanmar New Year day. We have ten days of holiday since two years ago. Before that, holidays were only four or five days. Is there any meaning of water festival in Cambodia? In Myanmar, water festival is for cleaning the dirties of old year not to be in new year. Youths are waiting for water festival whiich is very enjoyable time and mostly adult ones go to monasteries. It is the mixture of religious matter and playing water each other. We bieleve that getting watering from others is good for health. Although the festival time is in the hottest time no one get the fever by watering in that time.
      In this festival period, we enjoy various kinda donation not only to buddha aslo people.
      In the eve of new year day, the monks recite the buddha words at the corner of city or wards or street to be free from any danger.
      I wanna know your water festival. I am waiting forward to hear about the water festival in Cambodia.

      • Kamta Pd. karvaria says:

        In our country India also a water festival name Holi is celebrating.
        It comes in the month of Marrch,from 1st to this festval peoples are colouring to every body.

    • Ugur says:

      I read a big disaster in Campodia.Get well soon.

      I’m very sorry

  59. aliah says:

    these days are vary important in my country . There is a big Holiday .It couled Eid Al-haj .We cooked a big meal.We invited our family to celebrate this holiday .this Holiday is three days.the first day Go to the mosque to pray, and then the celebration begins with.

    • Aziz says:

      Happy Eid Aliah. We celebrate too Eid in Canada.But last night and today it’s very cold and snow.
      With our best wishes.

  60. viraj says:

    this is a very important work for the english learners,because, we are given lot of knowledge

  61. vasile says:

    Today started cold to us,and we have to change wheels with winter tires.

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