Breaking News – Save the Tuna!

The tuna is a large fish at the top of the food chain. Overfishing has meant the Blue-fin Tuna is facing extinction now. The ICCAT is meeting now to find a way to save the tuna. You can help save the tuna. Sign the petition at this link:



The original meaning of “summit” is the top of a mountain:

Edmund Hillary climbed to the summit of Mt Everest.

Summit” can also mean “big important meeting

The Parts of a Fish

dorsal fin

Draw a picture of a fish and mark the parts. It will help you to remember vocabulary. Drawing is a good memory technique.

Food Chain

The food chain is the link between big fish and small fish.

A Simplified Food Chain

Big fish eat medium-sized fish and medium-sized fish eat small fish while small fish eat microorganisms like algae.


The ICCAT The International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna

Grammar – Conditionals

If fishing is not stopped, the tuna will become extinct.

If tuna become extinct, nothing will eat the medium-sized fish.

If nothing eats the medium-sized fish, there will be too many medium-sized fish.

If there are too many medium -sized fish, they will eat the small fish.

If there are no small fish, nothing will eat the micro-organisms like algae.

If nothing eats the algae there will be a huge algae bloom and everything will die.

If the tuna becomes extinct, the food chain will collapse.

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