The Japanese Farmer – Listen and Write

[audio:fdsample1.mp3] Download audio file (fdsample1.mp3) at EugeniusD80 This recording is a sample of Episode One of The Farmer’s Dream. It is based on a story by Lafcadio Hearn. You should listen to the recording and write down what the man and little girl say: Man: Little Girl: Man: Storyteller: The […] Read more »

Japanese Company Invents Water Car

Tired of pumping expensive gasoline into your car? Well one Japanese company reveals an eco-friendly car that runs on water. Using the company's generating system, water is converted into electrical power. Read more »

What Do You See?

A father talks with his 8-year-old daughter talk about some drawings by Stan Alec Roberts. Father: Ok, you can open your eyes now, and I want you to look at each picture and tell me what you see and how you feel about it. Let’s look at the first picture. […] Read more »

The Odyssey – Episode 6 sample

Odysseus and his men had to sail past the rocks where the Sirens lived. The Sirens were beautiful mermaids who charmed sailors with their songs. Are you any good at singing? Anybody who heard them sing would be hypnotized. He would jump overboard and swim to them. He would be killed on the rocks. What do you do if you are driving and you hear an ambulance sire Read more »