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  4. ?lhan says:

    l am from TURK?YE

    And I would just like to thank you for doing this and say how much we all aprecciate!!
    thank you again!

  5. ali says:

    Thanks I hope it will simplify my bussiness trips

  6. jatupong says:

    it very good website.

  7. phirom phun says:

    it is very nice website
    I am the new here and my English so poor I need to learn more from here
    I try my best to learn hope we can enjoy together

  8. Irina says:

    It is very nice

  9. Badria Seddig Mohammed says:

    it is very nice

  10. It was an excelent immersion,I enjoiyed it. thank you.

  11. TRISHAN says:

    Hi i am Trishan and I’m from Bangladesh . All most time i want to learning englieh with each other of some people .But this site is one of the best for learning English And also I want to the best English Expert for being.

  12. easa says:

    hello everyone God send some people such you to help others to improve their knowledge.
    i am very glad that i am here and enjoy your teaching .thank you a lot .
    i wish you the best for all of you.

  13. nadia says:

    it is nice website.need the link please.

  14. Nastin says:

    hi. I’m Nastin from Indonesia.
    I was try to download “click the link”
    Thank you so much, I hope it will help me to improve my skill. insha Allah

  15. Juan Trujillo says:

    Hi, The link that you sent to my e-mail does not work, could you please send me again or give another linc that Works.


  16. Azad says:

    i’m not getting the link

  17. asif says:

    Hi dear sir I didn’t go to college my English
    Is not good I have to improve my English I
    Am working in Dubai( car show room )
    Plz give a your value able tips thanks
    With honour n respect rgds ASIF
    4×4 motors szr head office Dubai uae

  18. could you please help me to townload this material

  19. ranaivoson tahiry says:

    could you please help me to download the material.

  20. ranaivoson tahiry says:

    thanks for helping me to download the material. i hope it will improve my english.

  21. ola says:

    Thanks for sending me the link . I downloaded the material 3 times but it not work. Plz. help me

  22. Emily says:

    Thanks a lot! It’s very useful for teaching working adults 😉

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  24. s.sivananthan says:

    Thanks for the registration and for the lessons too.It is of great help to improve my communication.

  25. Aline says:

    Please, send to me the lesson
    n.n Tks

  26. fathi says:

    I hope sent to me

  27. it’s very kind of you

  28. wagih says:

    Hi, this is my first visit here. I find the materials very useful. I’m very interested. thanks to the editors and managers of the site.

  29. lteef says:

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  30. melina_90 says:

    That is very good..

  31. Vyankat Kulkarni says:


    Just now I have receiving your mail and trying to download it.

    I hope it will help me for improve my skill.

    Thanks for your kind co-operation.

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  33. Veer says:

    it’s really good to learn english using these audio file

  34. joe says:

    i am just learn this course, i don’t know how to operate in this website.
    can you teaching me how to do? thank you very much.

  35. le minh hoang says:

    I’ll begin learn english but I don’t know begin where
    can you send me business courses, please?
    Are you help me now?
    thank you

  36. cuong says:

    Could you send me all Business Courses, please?
    Thank you very much.

  37. cuong says:

    Could you send me all business courses. Thank you

  38. kamal says:

    I am kamal and want to join a MNC but my english is poor. I can’t speak english fluently and can’t write effective english. Please send me material which help me improving my english both writing as well as communication.

    Thanks & Regards


  39. Alice says:

    Hi, I’m from Brazil, and I’ve been looking for a website like yours for a long time now..
    And I would just like to thank you for doing this and say how much we all aprecciate!!
    thank you again!

  40. Mahfuz says:

    I am from Bangladesh, I really happy to join this family

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    Hi, i am pheaktra. I come from Cambodia. I am very excited to join this site, because it can help me to improve my English.

  48. pasakia says:

    hi thanks for your E-mails all your English lessons are great. my speaking is much better than listening comprehension.may be my vocabulary is still limited.

  49. Mohamed Saleh says:

    Very good lessons we need more

  50. Dear sir,

    Special thank for your kindness,
    I’ve got your email just a moment.
    I’ll try to my best and I’m going to
    follow all your conversations on this site.


  51. I’ve registered and I’d checked my email but
    it didn’t in my inbox yet. Please kind me once more.

  52. anhtrok says:

    who wanna chat with me to improve English skill together, please contact: Thanks!

  53. hafed says:

    Thank you very much, those lesson really good for me

  54. Danyal says:

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  56. Woong says:

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    Thank you. Have a nice day!

  57. Mr.bag says:

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  58. nima says:

    Thank you very much, those lesson really help me and my students

    For download this file
    1- go to first page
    just fill this form with your name and valid email
    Then check your email and read new mail then add that url in your IDM (Internet Download manager)

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    sorry that was a instruction in my langauge(Persian) for downloading this file

    Many thanks for giving me this oportunity… im thankfull!!

  59. soza says:

    HEII… I didn’t download it yet but I’m here now in this page!

    how can I download it?

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    I am AUI.I live in Bangkok of Thailand.I could studies from lessons which you send via email.Thank you very much because it is useful to me in developing English language and I have to take extra tutorial class now.I hope you would also help for longtime.

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  66. Ammar says:

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  67. Ammar says:

    Dear Sirs
    You are perfect

  68. kamere says:

    Hi Mark

    I appriciate your lossons, that you have sent which is leson 1 till now. And I udestoond very well. I have suffering audiaplayer, becouse it takes me too long to donload audia part, and its very importand part whithout it nothing can be do. so that would you help me a fast audia playes fast then I have use regarding my enternet speed.

    Thank you very much

  69. michael says:

    Many thanks for giving me this oportunity… im thankfull!!

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    Thank you, those lesson help me to make easy communicate in my work place.

  71. soundararajan.v says:

    Iam soundararajan from Cheenai, India:-thank you for your Registration.I have lot of confidence to learn the courses from your website.Thanking you.

  72. Zafar Hussain says:

    I am zafar from karachi, Pakistan:- thank you for registration . I hop that this side helpfull for me and I improve my english

  73. kamere says:

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  74. Pepink says:

    Thank so much.I can improve my listening and speaking skills.I will try my best and thanks again

  75. Alejo Fernández says:

    Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to learn this language so necessary.
    Thanks and regards,

    Alejo 🙂

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    Thanks Mark & Aaron,
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    Good Luck.

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    Long time no see here! I’m so busy these days! I’m going to ready for final exam of our company English course.
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    Tanks so much.

    • keyhan says:

      salam shadmehr

      i see your comment in the english conversation, could you downloade from this site?

      man natonestam dl konam,age emkanesh hast mano rahnamaee konin
      ba tashakor

    • mai says:

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