Is corruption a problem in your city?

Are the local politicians on the take?

Is the civil service corrupt?

Are the relations between businessmen and politicians suspect?

Can you give details and examples for example:

In my state, the man who owns the largest timber mill is also the Minister for the Environment.

Describe the situation in your area.


Write your answer in the comments section below.



Corruption is rampant.
Corruption is rife.
Corruption is widespread.

Corruption is an ongoing problem.
Corruption is a continuing problem.

Civil servants require a bribe before they will do anything.

All the local politicians are on the take.

The relationship between businessmen and politicians is far too friendly.


corrupt public officials
corrupt local politicians
corrupt regional politicians
corrupt national politicians


The local police have been corrupted.
The entire police force has been corrupted.


All of the local politicians are on the take. (corrupt)


Here are some more questions:

What is the connection between corruption and poverty?

Does corruption cause poverty by robbing the people of good government and fair allocation of resources?

Are public officials corrupt because their salaries are too low?

Write your answers in the comments section below:

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21 Responses to “Corruption”

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  1. It’s amazing in support of me to have a website, which is good in support of my experience.
    thanks admin

  2. In my country, Chile, the situation is not really bad, I think is under control, however, sometimes cases of corruption are discovered, normally these cases are not discovered by the pólice or the authorities, they are discovered by the journalists or press. Without doubts, the journalists have been doing a great job in our country, they are monitorating a lot of areas and matters. They have developed a very good chanels for getting information and the apply differnts techniques to achieve their goals.

  3. flordeliz says:

    And I strongly agree that corruption is one of the biggest issues in the political environment and many of the people are affected because they corrupted the taxes in which everyone of us will oblige to pay. And the money which is use for improvement will not be in focus due to a greedy reasons of these politicians.

  4. flordeliz says:

    In our country Philippines corruption was very rampant within the members of the government both local or even in those who were holding a high respect according to their position. That’s the main reason behind the poverty issues and suffering of the people who belong in this country.

  5. abdelrahman says:

    the corruption is bad when was realated with poverty

  6. Zahri Rinaldi says:

    Corruption is the most harmful virus for country… They can make disaster more that an earth quake. They kill a million people and make the country bankrupt.

  7. yhulie says:

    Discuss about Corruption. I think, its general. Corrup is not about money only, but also time. In Indonesia, our country include as a list danger of corrupt. many politicians we say corrupt. In fact, unaware, we also corrupt, even in time.
    I do hope, to begin something new and clear from corrupt, just start from ourself first. thank u.

  8. andhy ruspito says:

    corruption is synonym of robbery….!

  9. Ahmad Sohail says:

    Corruption is wide huge problem now a days all over the world special in my war turn country Afghanistan, this is the fact which the main source of corruption is the war and weak economic of the people I am telling you an real example of the corrupt if someone like our teachers and employees with very low salary work with government how they can continue their daily live , exactly they doing corruption and the final this is one of untreated pain which we are involving with it please if you have any comment contact in my skype ahmad.sohail18.

  10. Corruption! the word is used all over the world every day by day. it never seize from everybody’s mouth coz it persist everyday. i wish this could be stop. but i doubt it coz is the world generated disease. the question: Are public officials corrupt because their salaries are too low? yes they are. and why won’t they put corruption into practice? they will coz there Superiors are doing the same thing, it will occur and re-occur when salary is not been paid on time, when salary is too small while the laborers labor so hard. what do you think of such? am a Nigerian and here in my country we labor so hard but not paid well. so, if there is an opportunity to get bribed by an individual, one have no choice….yet is called Corruption. when expectation of salary is not what it, CORRUPTION might come in the line. All this is cause by our leaders and it will keep going till the unknown time.

    Thank you

  11. mustapha says:

    so i the corruptin is a verey big pro,blem which touched all the world .by the progression of tis probelem the life seems dirty and full of tiredness so all people will hate livng on earth .affraid of some thing will hapen to our eath by ths corruption .becouse life became insecured instead of making security it make s a threat of the poeple and every day you live and scared of death ..and i think is showtime to all poeple all over the world to makr a change in order to continue in living and to break the selfish man objectives on earth even they know that their end i death but the distroy the other in order to live alone so its crazy to leave them to do what they want without thinking about our children who are coming to have their right of living


  12. samir says:

    i think that a phenomena of corruption is an integral part of humanity. all the time, certain persons prefer to practice this sport for setting theirs affairs. it’s so faster to obtain results. obviously, there are countries who fight seriuosly these scourge, however, the zero corruption is an illusion.

  13. molcar says:

    If you look around you at this momment, I am sure that you find anyone that is trying to cheat you. Anyway… anytime and always, in all around the world you can find innocent and honest people that are corruption’s victim. WE LIVE IN A UPSIDE DOWN WORLD!

    • f.f.o says:

      really it is interesting subject;corruption;…..
      so i agree with you molcar ; i thing corruption is widespread around the world in every where…and there are many reasons for that for example:poverty is the most one….people allways need to live in a decent life and in some places the life is very difficult and they obligate to do that … the contrary there are rich people who dont need any thing more..but they love money…and money is the main motivation for them to corrupt…so i agree that we live in upside down world????????

  14. Brigi says:

    I´m living in Valencia Spain.Corruptión its all arround in de local government the PP party it´s the power party.They are three citys in the comunity they are Valencia,Castellon and Alicante,in the 3 citys you can see the big corrupción.You can know it at internet(Ask for würtel case )Shame for respetable people.The Pope trip to Valencia was payed with money PEOPLE, Twelve millon euros, was the bill acord the PP government.Next month Pope will come to Barcelona and the bill will be one million euro.Politician relatives Companys make a lot of works well paid,and corruption it´s all arround.

  15. asmaa says:

    hello so about corruption is a phenomenon that has wide spread mainly in the third world because the leaders give the the ringht to corrupt in inderct way and bcuse they are so greedy without forgetting that we have two classes the rich whom they have power.many ..owwn law and the poverty in time that the poor people no money no power no right so they can be corrupted easily .in addition .these leaders or whom they ae working in the governement so they are looking just for their profit evenif their constitution say something else


    corrution is the main problem not even in my city but the whole country is facing it. Pliticians at all local and country level are very corrupt. Civil beaurocracy is the basis of corruption. Bribing in the government offices is very my country politician are mostly businessmen, for example pakistan is facing sugar problem and the maximum sugar mills are own by the politicians, in short in every walk of life we are suffering in the hands of politicians.


      hi, my name is kifayat, i am intersted in general discussion to practice english. my skype id is kaifibaloch

  17. V says:

    Corruption happens everywhere, including in Indonesia. There are two reasons people corrupting. The first the situation supports them to do it, the second they want to do it because there are some urgent needs that haven’t been fulfilled yet. Corruption may relate with poverty (from the second reason).

    • mustafa hilmi bulut says:

      Ther are also not a fair allocation in my country. Becouse of this, official staff is corrupting. Corruption is related wiyh povert.

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