The War on Drugs


In some countries the drug cartels are as powerful as the government. The war on drugs has been lost. Enforcement has failed. What do you think?


To talk about this problem in an intelligent way we have to talk about each drug separately. What negative effects will decriminalization of various drugs have on society?

What drugs are associated with crime and other problems in your country?

Describe the situation in your country.


Write your answer in the comments section below.


“Enforcement” means “stopping the drug trade by police and military action”.

The “war on drugs” is all the money the government spends fighting drug cartels.

“Decriminalisation” means not spending any more money on fighting the drug trade.


The government cannot afford to pay the police.
The government is broke.
The drug cartels have more money than the government.
The government is corrupt.

Corruption is an ongoing problem.
Corruption is a continuing problem.


a high rate of drug abuse
a low rate of drug abuse


Are drugs and gangs a problem in your area?

Are amphetamines and crimes of violence linked?

Why do young people turn to drugs?

Write your answers in the comments section below:

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