Is poverty a problem in your community?

Are there any homeless people?

Are there large numbers of homeless people?

What are the causes of poverty?

Can you give details and examples?

Describe the situation in your area.


Definition of Poverty

Sometimes our definition of poverty is culturally bound:

Some people in the countryside or in the mountains or in the forest have no money but they live in communities where they have a high quality of life and long happy healthy lives, although they have no cash.

Some people in the city have a lot of money but they suffer from delusion and addiction to the illusions of materialism, egoism and nihilism and they have lost touch with the basic rhythms of life. They are physically and mentally unhealthy and they live in unhealthy communities.

What does the word “poverty” mean for you?

Write your answer in the comments section below.



poor – rich
well-off – not so well-off


impoverished fringe dwellers
poor squatters


The local people have been impoverished by the construction of the new road.

The entire population has been impoverished by the loss of its young people.

Our lives are enriched and impoverished by many things.

This pair of words has two distinct nuances. One nuance is the idea of enrichment and impoverishment in terms of money.

The other is the idea of impoverishment or enrichment in terms of quality of life beyond the narrow confines of the idea of money.

What has enriched you?
What has impoverished you?

You can answer this in basic terms by describing your job or business.

You can answer it in richer more mature tones by describing your family, your friendships and achievements, failures etc etc.


Here are some more questions:

What is the connection between corruption and poverty?

Does corruption cause poverty by robbing the people of good government and fair allocation of resources?

Are public officials corrupt because their salaries are too low?

Write your answers in the comments section below:

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