An Arms Race


An “arms race” is when two enemies increase the size of their military again and again and again. Each one is trying to outgun the other.

Is there an arms race in your region?

Can people learn to trust each other and overcome their problems?


The word “arm” has two distinct meanings. An “arm” can be a part of the human body or a weapon. A gun has become an arm by means of the process of association.


an armed conflict
an armed man
an unarmed man
armed militants
armed insurgents


the army, navy and air force


an arms dealer – a weapons dealer


an armaments manufacturer – a weapons manufacturer

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  1. anhtrok says:

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  2. Jose says:

    This a loop and sorry to be so realistic but this will last while there is mankind as we know mankind, it is so unavoidable as death is.

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    we can heal the world, we need the world to live in, so let’s take care of our enviroment, and every thing else to get a better world.

    when we can conmunicate we can discaver how much we are like, that we are human being, so we can do sommethig to heal the world. give me a hand in that part.

    thanks and god bless every body.

  9. mohand says:

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    • zino says:

      Dear Mohand,
      I really agree with you one hundred percent, we should all pay time to achieve what we want to achieve by many ways you can.Thanks for everything.

      • mohand says:

        Hi zino and Mark,

        I think you know as me the time is money, so I do my best to explain these words by the words which are completly simple and useful at the same time. Yes you show your great whishes to learn english language. However, learning english starts by crossing the treshold of your limits.

        At the begining make only an order in your mind by memorizing the new vocabulary and how to use the grammar rules. In the other hand try to built short sentences and complicate them by introducing the coordinators as AND,BUT, YET, OR, NOR etc. Example, Georges eats a sandwich. As you see this sentence is so simple because it contains one suject, one verb and one complement. Now try to make it more complex by using more verbs and complements and why not more subjects.
        Georges eats a sandwich AND writes an e mail. Or Georges and Mark eat sandwiches and write letters BUT Mark doesn’t know how to write French language.

        I hope that my explanation is benefit for you and all readers of English Conversation. friendly Mohand

    • Marc says:

      Thanks a lot for this advice.

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  14. Mohand says:

    So, I am algerian the country where you can speak more than four languages. the dominate languages are arabic and french slightly English and Spanish also the berber language anyway.
    many times ago I understood that English will be the most spken language over the world. The reasons are evident. Since the USA gathers the human kind cleverness, English has obviously become the bridges of communication. Now I find that people in my coutry invest their times and money to learn English however. Nevertheless, it so difficult to say that algerian people are not polyglot and using more or less 35 speech sound.

    I know a lot of people using perfectly american english even though they never been in the USA territories.Some difficulties are persisting because of ho to use the idioms or phrasal verbs in right way. I think it could be the same obstacle that the no native english speakers meet in their daly english speaking.
    the help we need today is to give the possibilities for all people outside of the USA to have this chance to use english as the native speakers because sooner or later english will be the language of the human being in the world. thank you very much.

    • Marc says:

      Thank you Mohand. I need your help in speaking english. I prefer to read more articles or comments from you. Thank you again.

    • Marc says:

      Thank you Mohand. I need your help in speaking english. I prefer to read more articles or comments from you. Thank you again. Marc

  15. siba says:

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    • Mohamed Hussein says:

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  21. Bedoor says:

    I like to speake English like Canadian people,is there any body can speake with me?.Thanks with regards.

    • Mohamed Hussein says:

      Hi Bedoor
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      • trang says:

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  23. Saira says:

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  24. Cynthik says:

    First I want to thank you one more time, for all these ways to focus english. All these issues help me to improve my skills in this language. I live in South America, my mother tongue is spanish. Nowadays we use to talk about “globalization”. I think this term is part of the new culture, that overwhelms us. Everything seems to happen so quickly, that we can’t process, think and most important feel ourselves, like real human beings. The information everywhere,tends to generate confusion. An arms race is from my point of view, one of the resaults of our lack of conscience about the consequenses of our level of negligence, because we have forgotten that others are part of our identity, just because everyone has a spirit,emotions,mind, feelings,ideas and culture. There is nothing wrong in the matter to have differences. But I think we didn’t learn how to say NO, with respect, and a caring attitude. We are very wild. We are absolutely insignificants and arrogants. So we are seeing the arms race and doing nothing.
    My question is: what kind of witness are we choosing to be?
    It is easier to kill than to talk, but I’m not going to give up. That’s why I want to learn a different language. Because I want to know, to discover, to think that there are many different ways to do the same thing, and probably all can have an interesting explanation. If we kill each other, our possibility to talk has been killed too. I would prefer a words race instead of an arms race. Probably if we can communicate with each other, we’ll feel much happier now and in the future.

    • Marc says:

      My dear thank you for these ideas. Nowadays, we need persons like you, wich can bring us some light in our lives. Thank and thank you again. Take care

  25. Pedro Paulo says:

    I think that we need more education, health and jobs…….
    Only with the improving these situations we can be better.
    An arms race don’t will be the way for a world better.


    • Cynthik says:

      Pedro, where are you from? I think education is a clue. Health and a job to live with dignity too. Thank you for your comment. best regards!

  26. Mohammad Al-Murbati says:

    any body wants to know or improve english or arabic both ..
    just add me :-

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