Military Spending


Britain has just announced a decrease in military spending.

Look at the vocabulary::

Noun Phrases

increased military spending
a stable rate of military spending
decreased military spending


The government is increasing the defence budget.
The government is maintaining a stable defence budget.
The government is lowering the defence budget.


to decrease – to lower

to increase – to raise


Describe the situation in your country and write your opinion in the comments section below.

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52 Responses to “Military Spending”

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  1. bandar says:

    I Bandar .Saudi Arabia.

    I’m weak in the conversation, and I need anyone help me this
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  2. bandar says:

    I Bandar of Saudi Arabia.

    I’m weak in the conversation, and I need anyone help me this
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  3. rency says:

    hi i am rency from uae.i am working in a advertising agency i am facing a lot of problams with my english conversation becose everyday i wanna speak to the customers thay are europians and americans,etc..antbody can help me pls.mail to me.
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  4. omar sierra says:

    Dear Nassereldin.
    Good morning.
    How have you been? I took some tie to nswer you because I computer was out of order.
    I am able to confess that we in America admire much your country Sudan, spacially because there are also pyramids, and they are even more mysterious than the Egyptians.
    in fact, it is believed that it is a mysterious land.
    the world is in disorder, people want to earn money to have everything they need, to be superior, to own the best car, the best house, to have lots of money in banks,tec.
    Of course, this leads to crime, specially when the pewople is umprepared. They should try to study, be helpull to others, try to enter a good organization, educate their children well. Yours Omar

  5. Shadab says:

    I am Mohammed Shadab Alam from India. I am student of MCA. I am looking for a nice job but every where i faced a problem that is english. So, I decided to learn english. I always try to speak english but i haven’t any partner to do practice. I know very well without convercsation i never learn english.
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  6. rahmad says:

    i am confused, because, now, i dont have enaough time. Finally, I tried to follow interrupted – between the time available.
    I will try as much as possible, because I really want to speak english. thank’s

  7. muller says:

    hi guys great to hear from you. IT has been a while since i didn’t sign in my english conserivation account, but now i come back to discover something and share some knowledges with you. I like all your comments from all cornel of the world. Well i need to speak fluntey eglish but i don’t know how can i improvie my enlish guys, pls say some think about that.

    have a gear time


  8. Feras says:

    Hello, everybody. I’m Feras from Jordan. We are about to elect our representatives to the parliament. Who knows if there would be free elections or not; despite officials have claimed that the approaching elections will be free and without any intrusion from the government for any candidate, people can’t convince themselves of having oneday fair elections!!!!!!!!!

    • moshe says:

      I’m happy to learn English with you, thank you

    • enas says:

      hi feras ,
      im inas from iraq , i hope all the arabian countries get free elections,without any intrusion. here in iraq we thought that we did free elections in last march but now to me and to many other people here are regretful cz we went and elected .as u see no government till now , they r fighting for their chairs and places.

  9. mitra says:

    I think evrywhere is evryone country becuse we arenot tree.We can move and make our aroude sameas us.

  10. shela says:

    for this time is very difficult to get justice,,,
    and i think is very important if goverment increase the professional military

  11. aries says:

    I agree for your opinion,but i think very important goverment is increase the defence of budget that neighbouring state are not over acting.

  12. hanz Flechas says:

    the governmente is increasing the defense budget, but decreasing our rights

  13. Vianney HarAkandi says:

    Poverty is one of the reasons that have sent thousands of young boys into rebel groups. Apart from fighting, they loot everything for their survival in the jungle. They are ready to kill anyone who resist from their order.
    The government should make effort to either send everybody to school and try to employ the majority of those who have passed. It has the duty of improve private sectors condition in order to incease the employment.

  14. Lutfullah says:

    conversation is vary importent i lost a lot of good job in my life becaus of converstation i don’nt know how to improve my english speaking.

    • samsu bahri says:

      dear Lutfullah

      you can try yourself or get the course. if you try yourself, you can read the text, make writing text, listening the music or news and imitate the native speaker says. so that, you can increase your English skill and you will fluent in English speaking. bravo Lutfullah……

  15. napu says:

    our country just bought the fighting falcon and sukhoi to strengthen our forces

  16. The situation in my country(Sudan)is very complcated espcially in Darfur state
    and the problem of the unity and superation between southern sudan and northern sudan

  17. Djoko says:

    The situation in my country (Indonesia) is rather panic, because there is democracy in some places. People are seeking to critique the presidential administration, where Susilo Bambang Yudoyono & Budiono have reigned in Indonesia 1 year. But the condition still good.

  18. Thao says:

    I’m Thao , I come from Vietnam . I would like to tell about Vietnamese situation . In my country , the standard living is not balance .Many people are very rich but there are still very poor , even have not enough food for daily life . In the past after war we are very poor . There are criminals a little mainly for food only . And nowadays we are on the way to developing country , but there are a lots of criminals cause of drug and games online . The criminals are very young , they live in rich families . Their parents have not time to take care them , just give them money to spend , but they don’t know what did they do ? So after use drugs they became criminals .

  19. acuus says:

    just like in my country, poverty is a major factor in crime. many people in my country die because of hunger, and the most awful lot of government officials are not concerned with such circumstances, he is only thinking for himself.

  20. samsu bahri says:

    hi..,I’m Samsu from Indonesia. I like English and other language so I wanna learn English regularly to increase especially English as international language. many thing can we get with English. I wanna learn English more and more to fluent my speaking.

    • sumi says:

      Dear samsu

      what is usage and meaning of wanna. is this a colloquial word. pl teach me

      thanks in adv


      • samsu bahri says:

        dear sumi

        the word “wanna” is reducing of “want to”. there are many word can be reduced, namely; going to (gonna), the negative sentence like “am not” to be (ain’t), got to go become gotta.

  21. elham says:

    There is a very famous phrase said by one of the oldest Muslim Arab leaders about poverty…he said that “if the poverty were a man,I would kill him”
    Poverty is the chief reason of many crimes,however other factors are also involved including unemployment,loss of hope and depression.Unfortunately,we suffer all these problems in my country,so in addition of increased rate of crime,there is increase rate of immigration also both legal and illegal ones :-((

  22. tsegereda says:

    Hi every one i would like to say my country it is the smaller one from all the worl that means by age but we are poor and no criminals our gavernmet is very very strict gavernment by the way i like this kind situation i hope it will keep going like this and GOD rescue them

    • Tsega says:

      Ethiopia is known to be a landlocked country.When Africa was divided up by European powers at the Berlin Conference, Ethiopia was one of only two countries that retained its independence.Ethiopia is often ironically referred to as the “water tower” of Eastern Africa because of the many rivers that pour off the high tableland. It also has the greatest water reserves in Africa, but few irrigation systems in place to use it. Recently, Ethiopia has had a fast-growing annual GDP and it was the fastest-growing non-oil-dependent African nation in 2007. So, Tsegereda, Love your country. The answers to the political, business and love problems in the country are bigger than one page, or even bigger than one website to include.Tsegereda…Keep in touch!

    • arhet says:

      hi everyone I think there is a crime in eritrea

  23. Erika says:

    In Colombia the situation is very hard because with are living a internal war for 50 years ago, but since 1986 this trouble is most strong for the drugs and the arms, the goverments tried for many years of finish them but just in 2008 and this year thye could end with two of the four most dangerous guerrilla or better narco-guerrilla…now with have other big education, healht, many people dead in the hospital door just for don´t have social security and the teenagers wishes be the next Pablo Escobar to keep the easy life, fortunately the people that want good things for the society is most..and Colombian people is good, that wishes be know for be workers, happy and friendly…Now were are working to Colombia will can be a country without problems.

    And don´t be tried like other countries like Afganistan or Mexico Because we know that a country could not be prosecuted for a few that make bad things.

  24. shaki says:

    Hi guys ,there are lot of caruption in pakistan ,no one (politions) is sencer with country.O. God help us …nabila lile you iam also want 2 learn english,

  25. taasimo says:

    It has been so long to sign in my English conversation account but here Iam back. I’m so glad to be one of the EC’s members. I like world english course it seems to be wonderful.

  26. gasán says:

    There’s no justification for crime anywhere or anytime in the world. But moral values have deteriorated, especially that of justice. In Costa Rica, where I live, tha’s the real problem. Politicians and other white necked filibusters, many of them from foreign countries,are real muggers. Meanwhile, there’s people dying of hunger.

  27. omar sierra says:

    Our country has been divided by political reasons since its creation.
    i think that we humans divide everything. Let`s take for example religion there are many religions each one offering the best of heaven.
    And fanatism, and political eagerness, envy, inflamates our hearts and we are able to kill our neighbours, our friends, our countrymen by people who only want their ouw welfare.

  28. Nabila says:

    Hi, i’m Nabila from Algeria, i wan’t really to improve my english because actually it’s very important to speak english fluently.
    In my life, i’like making sport, listening to music, make frendly conversation and nowing a lot of subjets like self development for exemple. i like also swimming and discovering new countries.
    i discover this site of english conversation and i will do my best to be online regularly. i’m sure that it will be a nice opportunity to now more and more on Sheakspeare langage….

    Ha ve a sweet Day


  29. Rajesh says:

    Dear Torik,

    I am fully agree with you, If one is happay will not move to any crime.
    All want peace and smooth life but they do crime for their existence.

  30. Abdusalam ALHESNAWI says:

    The situation in my country characterized with stability over all levels. We live in normal level of life. I mean you cannot find starvation or very poor people. Surely, it has to be better but when we (Libyans) go abroad we can easily differentiate about our situation and other’s situation. Even in developed countries you cannot find this affluence anywhere else. I am sure that many Libyans will oppose me aggressively, but this is true.
    Thank you very much

  31. torik says:

    there many situations in my country but I would like to describe about criminal…a half of people in our country living in the poorness. they aren’t having job (job looser) because of their destiny, education, social problems. so it is one of the things cause some of criminals in our country,,why..the main reason according to the interview that they are not having any cash for their need such for their family, son, even for their need in daily life..
    perhaps the government must take the decision for this case,,something like increasing some of job field..and giving them education to improve their ability of their life in order to make their life are balance,
    the conclusion is that the poornexs especially in my country is one of the things cause criminals.that’s it

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