Seasonal Change


In the southern hemisphere the Autumn has begun. In the southern hemisphere Spring has started. Have you noticed in any seasonal changes? What have you noticed? Is the weather unusual for this time of year? What is happening in nature around you?

Look at the vocabulary::

Noun Phrases

warmer weather
pretty much the same weather pattern
cooler weather


The weather is becoming warmer.
The temperature is staying pretty much the same.
The weather is becoming cooler.


to increase – to become warmer

to decrease – to become cooler


Describe the situation in your country and write your opinion in the comments section below.

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38 Responses to “Seasonal Change”

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  1. The weather becomes warmer and warmer in Indonesia . but on the contrary we found many floods everywhere. One of the factor is the cutting down of many forests for industrial need and the increasing of population in the world.

  2. Mahnaz Rezvankhah says:

    Hi everybody,
    Now it’s the first month of spring and we celebrate this time of the year as New Year in Iran. Now everybody in my country is on vacation and they enjoy their holiday. Although it’s quite short, it’s enjoyable. In my city, Tabriz, the weather is so changeable that it could be said we almost have four seasons in one day. I’m not joking. While you’re sitting in the room, you enjoy the heat of the sun. However, if you go out, you may be cold. One moment, especially in spring, we have snow, rain, and the sun.However, it’s very nice in summer, not hot not cold. Lots of tourists enjoy the weather in my city.

  3. Joanna says:

    In my county (Poland) weather is becoming warmer. Tomorrrow is the first day of sprng and I really enjoy it.

  4. ahmed says:

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  5. ahmed says:

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  6. Hung says:

    I think it had changed in my country season. We had a longer winter in last year (2010). The temperature war cooler than other winter for a long time

  7. ejig says:

    In my country, Ethiopia now the weather is hot but morning and afternoon is cold weather

  8. khadra says:

    hi evrybody,
    In my counry,Somaliland the wheather is going to change in step by step
    from 2000 upto now. before was be coold at the time from october untill
    feberuary. But now it is very hote and still creaseing.

  9. Yulia from Novosibirsk says:

    Hi, everyone!
    This year it’s like a displacement of seasons. The summer came too late, We had snow in May which is unusual for us in Siberia (it stops snowing in March, maximum April). And now it is almost November and usually we have a cold weather here in Siberia, Russia, but it is still warm unnaturally.

    • Collie says:

      Hi Yulia,

      Even in Europe the weather is changing, but I live in the Netherlands and the changes are not so big, but in July we had a very hot summer month with 40 degrees, but this was the only month. The rest of the summer was not so good. We don’t have very extreme weather, but in October we also have one weekend with 25 degrees which is not normal, but we didn’t complaint because it was lovely.


      • Hi everyone
        In Indonesia especially in Java Island, we’ve just got the ash rain caused by Kelud Mountain eruption. It’s quite disturb us in breathing but Alhamdullillah there was downpour so the air fresh again.

  10. larisa says:

    Thanks. I like it. I am from USA.(I was born in Russia.) The weather is wonderful,warm , trees are colorful now here. I have very beautiful roses in my little garden.

  11. fefi says:

    I’m from Chile. The weather has changed very much!
    The winter is hot, summer is hot; the weather is becoming warmer!

  12. V says:

    Hi, I think the season situation has changed from the past time. In Indonesia, there are 2 seasons, rainy season and hot season that come in a certain time of a year. But now, the time of rainy and hot season are not regularly arraged. I don’t know why this is happen. Does anybody know why?

  13. nadeem says:

    The sechvation of seasnal change in very hot way

  14. Soheila Roohi says:

    Hello every body.
    I am Soheila from Iran. Here the weather is very good and Leaves are starting to be yello and brown because of fall season.nature is really fantastic and I am very happy to have comunicationwith all of you.

    • Mohammad Emami says:

      hi soheila
      it is autumn in Iran but u should consider that in normal years these days we should have rain and colder weather. but no rain and days are like summer. it is because of climate changing

  15. shireen says:

    Hello every on,

    I agree with Shaki, weather is still hot in October, but nigh time

    are getting cooler in Pakistan specially Rawalpindi. At least can reduce our electricity bill. Because we do not use air condition at not time.

    All the best

  16. Mohammad Hakim says:

    Hi, I am from Bangladesh. It is now late atunm in our country. We have six seasons in our country. This year there no enough rain in rainy season in our country. So the weather is getting warmer day by day. we are the worst victim of world climate change. We have to face cyclone like Cidor, Aila.etc. Our seasons are not behaving normal. The normal seasonal change is not present now a days. So we have to face abnormal behavior of the seasons. I don’t know how long it will continue.We need to protect our country and we need to protect our world.Otherwise the nature will take action against us. We should be aware of this. We need to take strong steps to protect out world and our all activities should be nature friendly. Thank you everybody.

  17. sylia says:

    well i guess that all of us notice the changes that’s happened on the weather all over the world.this year in my contry “ALGERIA” summer was really hot while the winter became later than usuall and it’s very cold. i think that these changes will became worse in the futur,it’s really scare me.

  18. manjula vani says:

    here in hyderabad weather is warm and pleasant any one can enjoy it

  19. jenny says:

    hi, i am from Germany. Here weather is very bad. It’s too cold and in October sometimes temperature is falling down <1.

    • Khaled says:

      Hi, Jenny , in spite of you are talking about , Germany still my favorit my second country,I have been visited many times , every thing there was very nice , the green areas , trees, building , cleanness even the street , realy Germany is the best.

  20. khangnt says:

    Good day everybody. I’m from Vietnam, the country spreads along the coast with over 3200 km length. The Central part of our country is suffering the worst flood in the history. 50 people are died and missing. A lots of houses are destroyed. Hectares rice field are flooded. Weather has been changed a lot in our country recently. The drought, flood become typical in many regions. I think everybody is responsible for protecting our planet in order to keep it safe for our children and other next generations.

  21. Nabila says:

    hi everybody…

    After a week of very rainy days, we have today a very nice wether with a blue sky and a magnific sun early in the morning. it’s like spring in automn ….
    A lot of old houses was destructed after full of rain but actually alles is ok. in Algeria, we can find this situations in this last years, the wether became so versatile that we cannot understand what exactly is the raison…

    Have a nice day


  22. Hardy says:

    Hi, I’m from east Jakarta, Java island, Indonesia. All I know, the weather is getting crazier these days. Usually in this month, it supposes to be rainy season (we only got rainy and Hot seasons). but it’s really HOT now and from seconds, it can change to raining and return to HOT again just by a snap.

  23. Mohamed Osman says:

    Hi,All my contra parts. The weather is changing all over the world concerns exist every place that people live. i live in Somalia it’s good and comfortable.
    This time we are in the end of autumn some changes are front.
    many thanks,


  24. zelia says:

    The nature around me is much different. That period of the year already would ought to be hot day and night. But the night always is cold such a desert.

    That is much worrying.

  25. Pilar says:

    Hello everybody. Well, I’m from Chile. Spring has started and it looks like we were in summer. It’s too hot in my opinion. I just can’t imagine how it is going to be when we were actually in summer. Weather has changed so fast and we should pay attention to that. I hope you were working in saving our planet!
    Best wishes

  26. Patricia Woodward says:

    Hello everyone,
    I´m from the northern part of México, my city name is Cabo San Lucas and the weather here has changed suddenly nowadays, in the mornings it is cold, during the day too hot and windy and by 6 or 7 it starts again cold people use air conditioners everywhere so, most of them is sick because of these changes.

  27. eman says:


    I agree with ELHAM. The air conditions in EGYPT are different nowadays in summer time.
    there is a BLACK CLOUD here. thus, the scientists should discover a way to solve this problem as much as possible.
    thanks for your efforts.

  28. eman nouman el-zyati says:


    I agree with ELHAM. The airconditions in EGYPT are different nowadays in summer time.
    there is a BLACK CLOUD here. thus, the scientists should discover a way to solve this problem as much as possible.
    thanks for your efforts.

  29. soumen Kundu says:

    weather in India (West Bengal) is quite a bit pleasent. not hot or cold too much. We are enjoying these wonderful days.

  30. elham says:

    Hi A.G.,
    The weather is noticeably Egypt,we never used to use air conditions in our houses as the weather was ok in summer time…currently ,airconditions are everywhere,they became essential as the weather is becoming warmer,weather in Egypt became as hot as the Arab Gulf region.

  31. shaki says:

    Hi, weather is changing all over tha world .similarly in our country ,pakistan ,there are climatic changes are uccaring,usally there are plasent in october ,but its still hot.

  32. erdi says:

    aron n mark
    it’s rainy season in indonesia,,,it’s raining everyday n i think it’s a bad news for the people that live near the river in indonesia, because it can cause a flood.
    n it should be hot now,,,n i don’t know about the wheater now
    it can’t be predicted now,,,,
    god blesses you alL….

  33. Nabila says:

    i think that since the year 2000 we constat a real changes in’s not the classical rythme that we have seen in the past but it’s cold in spring and sometimes hot in winter, it’s really different. i’m from algiers and i remark that.
    I think that long stability isn’t a low of the univers and many little changes are producing regularly…

  34. jaco says:

    Hi Aron,
    I think this year we notice some change in the weather in our country.
    I am from EGYPT and usualy in this time of the year it is more cold .
    We start the winter in the first of Octobre but until now ,the weather is becoming wormer.

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