Violent Conflict


In the Russian Republic of Chechen armed militants attacked parliament with weapons. Six people were killed and seventeen people were injured. Is there armed conflict in your country?

Look at the vocabulary::

Noun Phrases

armed militants
innocent bystanders
unarmed nonviolent peace protestors


The incidence of violent conflict seems to be becoming more frequent.
The incidence of war and violent conflict seems to be remaining pretty stable.
The incidence of violent conflict seems to be becoming less frequent.


to increase – to become more frequent

to decrease – to become less frequent


Describe the situation in your country and write your opinion in the comments section below.

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5 Responses to “Violent Conflict”

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  1. Mohammad Nabi shinwari says:

    Afghanistan is still engaged in conflict because of internaly and externalay factors and we are so tierd from it. we are prayer from God to free us from this misfurtune. (amin)

  2. Aphoo says:

    Conflicts about violence can not be admitted in 21th century. This types of problems are caused by the desires of the developed countries about colonies and the competitions between each other.

  3. nimeh qaraqra says:

    please more and more conversation many thanks.

  4. margani yousif says:

    iam very interested in the course above , please send me more

    meny thanks

  5. alexander says:

    There were only two men killed in Chechnya. The incidents of that kind are dime a dozen in this republic. In the neighboring republic Dagestan the shooting doesn’t cease for years. The situation is very dangerous and unpredictable/

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