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12 Responses to “Bilinguals”

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  1. Jucelia Maria da Silva says:

    Here from Brazil we say: Bom dia (Good morning)
    Deus abençoe você (God Bless you)
    That is great page. Thank you.

  2. Ahmed says:

    In our language in Arabic and Islamic countries, we say “Ma’assalamah” or “Assalam Alaikum” that means goodbye in English.

  3. Mehmet Deniz Demircioglu says:

    In the Turkish language, we say “Allaha ?smarlad?k” while leaving home or a building. Nobody can hear those two words as they are written from someone’s else mouth. Those two words are heard as ” Alasmald?k” as if it were only one word.The meaning of the two words is ” May God bless and protect you from the bad thing” On the other hand, Someone staying at home says ” Güle Güle “, which means “may you have good travel”.Those two words are pronounced as they are written.

  4. Yousaf Ali says:

    Please provide English Pashtho Bilingual sentences. thank you

  5. sayed says:

    kindly when we going out of country also when we need to a taxi the fist our cultural says we should warm greeting with taxi driver like Assalam u Alikam or in English hello then we asking the cast of of taxi charges so when we reach to our station or targets then we saying to taxi driver thank you from your relax driving or Allah Hafiz

  6. Raisa says:

    I am Indonesian. I think when you get out off the taxi, you don’t need to say “selamat jalan or selamat tinggal” to the driver. However, you only say “terima kasih” means Thank you. You only say good bye to the person who is close to you.

  7. Lince says:

    Hi, this site is very good for study English,I come from Indonesia,but there is not billingual English – my country we say” Selamat pagi ” it means Good morning, if you are birthday,your friends say semoga panjang umur ,it means Long life.thanks so much for this site, I can study and practice my English,God Bless

  8. nicolau kapata says:

    think you for this page, i’m angolan, in my language we say ”boa partida” that mean good by is not similar with english our culture is african culture.

  9. Evgeny says:

    When we travel, we say: Thanks this house, go to next house. And we say it when we have been traveling among some cities for a long time. Usually when we travel from a city to a city, we say in a city witch we leave: we are leaving but we will come back.

  10. ali minaei says:

    Hi. This site is really useful. But I noticed that Persian Language or Farsi is missing. I will be happy to provide help to have English- Persian option here. I am an experienced ESL/EFL teacher living in Canada, Toronto. Please let me know how I can help to make this category. Wish you best. Ali Minaei

  11. Feno says:

    We say “veloma” in malagasy language,in my country,Madagascar.This word means”may you have a long life”.
    I think it’s been well choosen by our ancestors,cause we never know what could happen from the time we take a leave.

  12. Muarif says:

    Bilingual English-Indonesia

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