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The Work Page

Routine and Habit – The Routine Page

Verbs in Context in Many Tenses with Audio

Philosophy of Grammar and the Idea of Verbs as Actions

Verbs and Tenses – The Tense Page

Present Participle or Gerund or “ing” Form

Verbal Phrases 1 (with Audio)

Verbal Phrases 2 (with Audio)

Verbal Phrases 3 (with Audio)

Verbal phrases 4 (with Audio)
Verbal Phrases 5 (with Audio)

Verbal Phrases 6 (with Audio)

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  8. Felicia says:

    Hi, I am a new user to your site. Under “Real Conversation”, I could not find the transcripts to the interviews and others. I thought there should be a transcript? Did I miss it?

    Hear from you soon! Thank you.

  9. Sanjeev says:

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  19. VIET says:

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    I would like to ask you how to use the conversational word or phrase in English from the situation: We close friends gather at a friend’s house and drink. I want all of my friends to drink as much as possible until we have to get mellow or plastered. In Vietnamse language we say ” KHONG SAY KHONG VE”. It is literally translated into English: ” not drunk, not go home” And we use this phrase to encourage friends at a get -together to feel free to drink as much as possible. Pls help give me the real spoken English phrase. You can send email to me: Thank you

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