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  1. hamidooo says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii we are hamid and mohsen we are from irannnnnnn shirazzzzzzz it is very nice city .thanhke you for storyyyyyyyy

  2. mohammed alosta says:

    many thanks to every one in english conversation,thanks for all groups who really working hard, thanks again.

  3. nouran says:

    hi all im nouran from egypt….just i want to say that the English in this site is soo fun and im relay like it

  4. Vyankat Kulkarni says:

    I am really thanks to everyone, who are working with site and providing audio files.

    I am expecting school level conversation for child to understand difference between to be’s Verb & To have’s verbs.

  5. fakhrullah says:


    At frist i am saying hi to every one who are working in this site especially fot that who is writing this kind of useful history and conversation , thanks from all of your grops that you are really working hard, really ,really thatnks

  6. John Wrdh says:

    vevy nice thanks so much , but it will be so great if it’s in videos

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