Almanac – 20 August 2010 – Friday

What are you growing at the moment? Are you growing any of these? What is your garden like? What's your garden like? Which one is the odd one out? Which one is the odd one out and why? How important is an impartial media? How important is an impartial media and why? What did he do? Where did he do it? What did he do and where did he do it? What is the difference? What is the difference between them? Read more »

Almanac – 18 August 2010 – Wednesday

French activists have uprooted transgenic grape vines in a protest against the introduction of genetically-modified food. Global food supply is becoming increasingly more heavily centralized and transgenic food is a powerful tool in the armory of the food corporations as they struggle to maximize their profits. The French anti-GM food activist group "Faucheurs Voluntaires" (voluntary reapers) wants to pull genetically engineered plants out by the roots. Read more »

Almanac – 16 August 2010 – Monday

Cartels have blockaded the streets of the industrial city Monterrey, which is Mexico’s richest city. Gunmen ordered people from their cars, which were then used to make barricades that closed thirteen major roads. Read more »

Almanac – 14 August 2010 – Saturday

Good Morning! It is the fourteenth of August 2010. It is Saturday. THE WEATHER (from Mt Tamborine)

It is fine. The sky is clear. It is not windy. Yesterday the wind died down in the afternoon and today there is no wind. It is clear and completely still.
Look at these opposites:
The wind picked up. The wind died down.
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