Vocabulary – Carnage

In his first speech as President of the United States, Donald Trump said: “This American carnage stops right here and stops right now.” Carnage is Destruction The word “carnage” has a Latin root and it comes from the word “carne”, which means “meat” or “flesh”. We see the word “carne” […] Read more »

Interview with a film maker

a small undergarment business a night club in Chicago the city of Chicago was in flames the year of the Democratic convention in Chicago in 1968 Past Continuous Tense I was having a concert at my club. Present Continuous Tense What are these paddy wagons doing here? They are raiding […] Read more »

The Education System – The Education Paradigm

Let’s embrace the future together. What do you think about education and study? Do you agree with the viewpoint of the speaker? Vocabulary Metaphors It is crucial – it is very very important. Cruce – crux – cross What does the word “paradigm” mean? It means “way of looking at […] Read more »