Interview with a film maker

a small undergarment business a night club in Chicago the city of Chicago was in flames the year of the Democratic convention in Chicago in 1968 Past Continuous Tense I was having a concert at my club. Present Continuous Tense What are these paddy wagons doing here? They are raiding […] Read more »

The Education System – The Education Paradigm

Let’s embrace the future together. What do you think about education and study? Do you agree with the viewpoint of the speaker? Vocabulary Metaphors It is crucial – it is very very important. Cruce – crux – cross What does the word “paradigm” mean? It means “way of looking at […] Read more »

The Story – The Plot – Past Simple Tense

This story moves between past simple tense and present simple tense. It describes events in past simple tense. It describes circumstances and situations in present simple tense. phrases I am afraid I would have to start we do not really need a world government. a single government elected by the […] Read more »