Mosquito City – Part 43 – I was just joking

[audio:anlimc43.mp3] Download audio file (anlimc43.mp3) at Irp Mark: Ok. So here I am in Brooklyn. Stephanie: Here we are. Here we are. Mark: And my friend Peter’s sister Stephanie has kindly … Stephanie: That’s me. That’s me. Mark: … has kindly brought me down here to show me around and […] Read more »

A New Life in Mosquito City – part 41 – Wonderful to see you!

Frank: Wonderful to see you. Pierre: How are you? How are you? Frank: Oh! Fantastic. Great to see you. Pierre: Who is your friend, here? Frank: Oh. This is Mark. Pierre: Hello Mark. My name is Pierre. Frank: Ok. Pierre. Mark. Mark: Good day Pierre. How are you, mate? Nice to meet you. Pierre: Where are you from? Mark: I am from Australia. You are French, are you? Pierre: Yes, I am from Paris. Read more »

A New Life in Mosquito City – part 40 – Let’s have a look at the menu

[audio:anlimc40waiter.mp3] Download audio file (anlimc40waiter.mp3) at denis collette Waiter: Hello. Would you like to drink something? Frank: Yes. Ok. Let’s have a look at the menu. There is cafe au lait, cappuccino, American…American coffee. Mark, what do you want? Mark: I think I’ll have a latte, please. Frank: A latte? […] Read more »