Why do people go to prison?

Introduction Presenter: Our final TED speaker is Michael Santos. He spent 26 years incarcerated in the federal prison system for cocaine trafficking. He spent 26 years in jail. He was in prison for 26 years. While he was in prison, he earned an undergraduate degree then he earned a graduate […] Read more »

Which Way Should we Go?

Practice listening. Mark the phrase you hear: Together Alone We will go away. We will stay here. Together With Someone else We will leave some day. We will stay here forever. With friends Together Your hand in my hand. Holding hands Alone Together We are going to make a plan. […] Read more »

Basic Anatomy

Do you study anatomy? Are you a medical professional? Some people need English for study or work in the medical field. Here is a video on basic anatomy: Introduction Hello. Welcome to the video. This is just a real basic video on anatomy. We will be looking at bone names, […] Read more »

It is not your fault!

It is not your fault that the world is the way it is It would be if it stayed that way. Look at these lyrics from a German punk band called “the Doctors” (Die Aertzte) It is not your fault that the world is the way it is It would […] Read more »

Can you dance?

Hi Emma. I’m Leoni. I’m going to show you some Irish dancing. The first dance is called “the easy reel”. I am going to show you the first steps of “the easy reel”. And it is called “the lead around”. There is a checklist in Irish Dancing. First you need […] Read more »

I want to Break Free

I want to break out. I want to break free. I want to get away. Which one did you hear? I want to break free from your lies. I want to break free from these flies. I really must move on. I must be free. I have got to break […] Read more »

Freedom to Fascism – Aaron Russo

a revolutionary act an action which changes everything Have you seen the revolution page? Truth and Lies a time of deceit a time of lies Is it important to tell the truth? Future Tense I will bring it to your attention. I will give you some information about it. Noun […] Read more »

The Truth about Monsanto

So it is “roundup” herbicide, that is specially formulated for big jobs. big jobs or small jobs? That is the new one. the new one or the old one? On this one it says “biodegradable”. this one or that one? That is the old one. the old one or the […] Read more »