Listening to Phrases in a Complex Talk

Listening Listening is a difficult skill. Here are some ideas to help with listening practice: Do not expect to understand everything at the first listening. Listen for words and phrases that you can understand. Do not worry about the parts you do not get. Focus on what you DO get. […] Read more »

Would you like to be a Flight Attendant?

Passive Voice A flight attendant is trained to handle anything from the routine to … Check to see that your seatbelts are securely fastened. to the terrifying. Open your seat belts! Get out! and when that happens, training saves lives. They call it boot-camp. And we are … I mean […] Read more »

I have never seen anything like you

Non – Standard Language I have never seen anything like you. I have never seen nothing like you. “anyone” focuses more emphasis on the identity of the person as a person, as opposed to as a thing. I have never seen anyone like you. I have never seen anything like […] Read more »

Please Pick up the Telephone

Non-Standard Language – Ain’t The use of “ain’t” instead of “am not”, “isn’t” or “aren’t” is extremely common, especially in songs. Read more »

Road Trip to the Beach

Are you in the club? Passive Voice Ok Elsa. I just wanna say for the record that I am really excited. I am thrilled to be getting out of Arendale. Present Perfect Continuous I have been wanting to get out of Arendale. Relative Clauses I just want to know where […] Read more »

Long Conversation

This series of conversations is slow and simple. It should improve your listening and pronunciation. Check it out! Link to more dialogues: Dialogues Read more »

Listening – The Sanskrit Tradition

Look at this template. Can you fill in the blanks? Presenter: Hello I am …. Our topic today is … My guest today is … Welcome …. Now Read and Listen: Guest: I am very glad to be here. Presenter:It is a pleasure to be with you. You know I […] Read more »

Time and time again

“Time after time” means “time and time again”. It is another way to say “always” or “forever”. Poetry and song are an abbreviation of prose. Prose is ordered thought. Present Continuous Tense and Present Simple Tense I am lying in my bed. I hear the clock. It is ticking. I […] Read more »

How long do we have left?

Johnny Cash sings about a condemned man’s last minutes. Well they are building a gallows outside my cell and I have got twenty-five minutes to go. A gallows is a frame to hang a man. Hanging was used to kill convicts in the US. Was the death penalty ever used […] Read more »