I want to Break Free

I want to break out. I want to break free. I want to get away. Which one did you hear? I want to break free from your lies. I want to break free from these flies. I really must move on. I must be free. I have got to break […] Read more »

Freedom to Fascism – Aaron Russo

a revolutionary act an action which changes everything Have you seen the revolution page? Truth and Lies a time of deceit a time of lies Is it important to tell the truth? Future Tense I will bring it to your attention. I will give you some information about it. Noun […] Read more »

The Truth about Monsanto

So it is “roundup” herbicide, that is specially formulated for big jobs. big jobs or small jobs? That is the new one. the new one or the old one? On this one it says “biodegradable”. this one or that one? That is the old one. the old one or the […] Read more »

My Personal Experience

micro chipping surveillance technology control all aspects of our lives they are working not for the governments but for the corporations I was initiated a scandal had erupted Read more »

I love my research

I love my research. There is so much more that is going on. How do you bring that up in a church situation? I have always been this way. Whatever it is. I just want another church. Science and religion do have a purpose together. Do you agree? It is […] Read more »

Interview with a film maker

a small undergarment business a night club in Chicago the city of Chicago was in flames the year of the Democratic convention in Chicago in 1968 Past Continuous Tense I was having a concert at my club. Present Continuous Tense What are these paddy wagons doing here? They are raiding […] Read more »


Sometimes you cannot understand every word but you can understand the basics or some sentences. Can you pick out sentences that you understand completely? The road to 100 per cent understanding is long and even native speakers do not get it all, all the time… This video is about food […] Read more »