I am more than a bird

Superman In this song the singer says: “I am more than a bird.” He also talks about “kryptonite” and references the phrases from Superman: Look up in the sky! It is not a bird. It is not a plane. Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive. Able […] Read more »

Button Batteries Are Highly Dangerous!

This woman lost her daughter. She swallowed a button battery. Do not let children have access to button batteries. Listen to the audio and read the text. This is a sad story. It is a warning. Read more »

Listening – Are you underpaid?

This video is a real news story about a large corporation exploiting workers. These is no transcript so you have to listen. Maybe you will not understand one hundred per cent. No problem. Improving listening comprehension skills takes time. Be patient. Listen again and again. If you have problems or […] Read more »

Sugar Sugar

This song is about sugar and honey and love. Basically it is a metaphor for the sweetness of love. Candy, sugar and honey are all sweet things and love is sweet too. Questions Is love always sweet? Is love sometimes bitter-sweet? Tell us what you think in the comments section […] Read more »

Are we on the same Wavelength?

“Are we on the same wavelength?” means “Do we see things the same way?” or “Do we understand each other?” It is a metaphor from the idea of a radio or tv channel. You adjust it to the correct wavelength to pick up the station. Read more »

How do you say “hello” in your language?

You say “yes” I say “no” You say “come” I say “go” Oh no! You say “goodbye” I say “hello” hello hello I say “high” you say “low” you say “why” I say “I don’t know” Being Contrary If one person disagrees all the time we say: “That person is […] Read more »

We Can Work It Out

Phrasal Verb “to go on” is a phrasal verb which means “to continue”. “To work something out” is a phrasal verb. When the Beatles sing “we can work it out”, they mean: “We can solve any problem. Point of View – Perspective “Try to see it my way” means “Try […] Read more »

Time Goes by So Slowly

These phrases are the same: Time goes by. Time passes. Does time pass slowly or quickly for you? Is there a reason for that? In this song the singer says “Time goes by so slowly” because he is missing his lover and waiting to see his lover again. Does time […] Read more »

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

The Definite Article When we say “the first time”, “the second time”, “the third time” etc we always say “the” “The” is the definite article. European languages like Spanish German and French have a definite article but they have two or three definite articles because they have gender. English has […] Read more »

Do you know how to make Mascara?

Watch the video and practice listening and learn how to make this product. Are you interested in business? Are you interested in the cosmetic business? Would you like to start your own business? Try our free business English course Read more »